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VK TIP 31 – LOVE From UNIVERSE, Manifest smoother life


We keep Asking, Praying, Requesting to people, to planets, to deities, to nature to give us or bless us what we want.

We do not know who can help us in what ways.
Do you want to request and receive ALL the help from every being, every planet, and everything that is in this Universe?

But how can we request to ALL just in one request or prayer?
It's possible if you have VK.

Love Serum with VK is the strongest energy system to create love. <3
When you send love outside, you receive more love towards you.
So when you create more love in the Universe, Universe loves you back.

:3 Just send LOVE SERUM to the Universe without any intention of using VK.

Hold VK and say VK please send LOVE SERUM TO THE WHOLE UNIVERSE. Say this thrice in one go and keep VK aside in a safe place for 30 min.

You can do this as many times as you feel to do.

:3 How will it help to do without Intention?

When you do this daily without any intention, Universe will deliver to you in amazing ways from multiple sources to make many things happen for you easily and quickly. Because we do not know all the areas where we need help, we do not know who can help us in which situation


Do share your VK experiences from VK TIPS to motivate all of us.

Thank you Sharat Sir for the gift of VK to all of us !!

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  • Wahhh di lovely tip
  • Really thats a very lovely and wonderful tip mam.....
  • Is it necessary to keep Vk aside for 30min, every time we send love serum to someone. I used to just hold Vk and request to send love serum o anyone. Is it wrong?
  • VjtVjt
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    Ohh.. Now I get it. Thank you.
  • Amazing tip Rakhi Ji... thank you... :)
    Can we also send LS to dieties?
  • Thank you for your thanks to all.

    This idea of sending LOVE SERUM to Universe was first practised and shared by @SHUCHITA - Supportive VK Teacher after Sir invented LOVE SERUM.

    She started sending LS to Universe and found that things are getiing easier for her.

    This tip is posted based on her idea.

    Personally i have experienced things get arranged for me in amazing ways with LOVE SERUM

    Thanks to Shuchita for this idea. AND SHARAT SIR for amazing VK and Love serum

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    Golden sunrise teachers

    As I know that only vk user can use love serum... So if I give my vk to my mummy and then she sends love serum to the universe for herself.... Will it work in this way....!
  • @Dolly

    Yes Dolly you can do this.

    VK follows the person who wears it or touches it last.

    So even if you are using VK for most of the times. When you give it to any other person it would follow the mind and request of that person.

    And when it comes back to you will follow you.

    However when VK is constantly with a person , the person gets many benefits even when there is no particular request. Like boosting of aura , receiving ontinuous cosmic energies , VK following the clear positive intentions.....
  • Rakhiji please advise which method is correct
    Method 1 vk pls send love serum to the universe,vk please send love serum to the universe,vk please send love serum to the universe is correct way of saying or as below method 2
    Vk please send Love serum, love serum, love serum to the whole universe now and forever
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    Golden Sunrise

    As stated by @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher in her post Hold VK and say VK please send LOVE SERUM TO THE WHOLE UNIVERSE. Say this thrice in one go and keep VK aside in a safe place for 30 min.

    Your first method seems correct, however I think both methods would be equally effective. Remember VK is an intentional tool, so your intention matters the most along with using the correct Serum.

    Gratitudes to @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor for VK, Cosmic Serums, and this forum to share our experiences and learnings.

  • perfect answer @DivineSoul . Thank you for your effort.

  • :thankyou for your Appreciation @PJ-Certified VK Teacher

  • @G77777

    Your question is already answered in above posts.

    I would like to add more, when you have a single energy request, you can do in either of the ways that you mentioned.

    But when you have MORE than one energy, please club the energy names together before stating the receiver's name.

    This is applicable for non water methods

    <3 To request 2 energies
    Say GOLDEN SUNRISE and LOVE SERUM …to Universe

    Please check the differences between the correct and incorrect methods below.

    Correct Method 1 :

    “VK Please send
    to Universe ” and keep VK aside for approx 30 min

    Please note in the correct method, the energy names for the same healing are taken together and then receivers names are at the end of the request. So both energies are received and there is sufficient time for VK to send them to receiver

    Incorrect Method :

    1.“VK Please give GOLDEN SUNRISE x 3 to Universe”
    2.“VK Please give LOVE SERUM x 3 to Universe”

    :3 Here both energies are intended for same healing. But each energy is requested separately for the receiver.
    When you complete the request with receivers name after each energy back to back, this actually becomes 2 different requests….that is 1 and 2.

    Receivers do not receive enough energies from the 1st request, as there is hardly any time gap for VK to send that energy to receiver .
    VK will follow only the 2nd request, as it supersedes or overwrites the earlier 1st request.

    Please Note: In the correct method, the energy names are taken together and then receivers names are at the end of the request.
    So it is important to take receivers names at the end of the request while requesting multiple energies in the same healing.

  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher whst if i want to send PHS,BS,GS to three four people in same request.plz elaborate for that too
  • @Kari

    You can frame it here, lets see :#

    Above example is your reference

  • If I try for this.... is it correct mam

    Vk pls send PHS*3 BS*3 GS*3 to w, x, y and z
  • @Dolly

    Right. Thanks for attempting and posting.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE . I guess Kari is yet to see my post
  • edited March 2018
    Thanks for the thanks mam :)
  • Mam was sending it as dolly said.but i felt its not asked.had this doubt bcz in Sharat sir's post it says say statement three earlier i was saying Vk plz send GS BS Phs to x,y,z *3
  • But had to clear my doubtsof correct way to say.thank u mam @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher
  • @Kari
    What you did is also correct as you are taking the energy names together (and not separately) with receivers names at end.

    Please read my post again on GS LS sending

  • Thanks @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher maam for this tip!!! I usually thank looking up in the sky, going forward will follow this tip.
  • @girichander

    Thank you for your thanks. One of the best way to express gratitude.....just looking up. Loved it.

    Do share your experiences with VK Tips....

  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher mam i wana send energy of Mmm for health 1000times or how do i say.i was searching that post but couldnt find where divinesoul had mentioned.plz we say mmm *3 n then 1000times?
  • @Kari


    Vibbes Kada is an intelligent cosmic energy tool when we send energy we do not define the volume in counts like 51, 108 etc as the need of the situation/place / person can vary.

    Hence whenever we send the energy please don't quantify just give the request.... the needful energy for the situation will reach the healee.

    For example we are sending Maha Mritunjaya Mantra to sick person, we cannot define his need of energy humanely. So via Vibbes Kada we send just the energy the required will be sent to restore his wellness.
  • @Kari
    Just send energy, don’t count in numbers.
  • I am new VK user. I continuously waering vk 24x7 either in wrist or as pendant when I can't wear at wrist while working in hospital. Should i take to hands every time i ask for help? will vk follow my intension without keeping in my hand.
  • You can wear VK after giving a request.

  • Thankyou ????????
  • GOLDENSUNRISE GOLDENSUNRISE GOLDENSUNRISE, TyTyTy for sending me thisinformation, it's helpful to me ,how to send request to VK ,again TyTyTy
  • Amazing! Will do this from now on.
    Golden Sunrise
  • Beautiful tip....:)

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