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This innovative Tip is shared by @Lakshika for Chaitra Navratri beginning today.

This is her tip....Thanks Lakshika for this amazing tip.

Everyone needs more and more prosperity for themselves and their home during Navratris....

Can Vk help in this....

Yes for Sharat sir gave us a switchword video of "DURGA MAGIC BEGIN NOW" and from that if we take inspiration,

We can charge Agarbattis/Incense Sticks/Lamp oil/Ghee/Jyot/Other pooja things with "DURGA MAGIC BEGIN NOW" this will bring the blessings of Maa Durga...we can add GOLDEN SUNRISE for the enhanced effect.

Take agarbattis/Incense Sticks/Lamp oils and other things you want to charge..
Hold Vk in your hand and chant "DURGA MAGIC BEGIN NOW" 3 times and make 15 -20 rotations over Agarbatti/Incense sticks......
Then chant GOLDEN SUNRISE 3 times and make 15-20 rotations over agarbattis/incense sticks......

After this, VK is free for any next healing.

This way we can bring in prosperity and blessings of Maa Durga.

Thanks and gratitude to Sharat Kumar Sir for giving us VK.


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