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Please help me lose weight, what is the possible solution??

edited March 2018 in Beauty Discussion

i am a new vk user and still learning and experimenting.
I have tried everything i can be it diet, exercise, vk serums everything but not able to lose any substantial amount of weight.
And as nothing makes difference quick enough i tend to lose my motivation and just give up.
I have a party to attend in a month and my goal os to lose 10-15 before the party.
Can someone please help me come up with a solution which can help me lose weight with the help of vk and also keep my self motivated.
Thank you


  • GOLDEN SUNRISE @anamika87

    1. Pls take the energy combination through water or directly
    GS + FDS + DS + BRS + GMS
    (Given by Sharat sir mentioned in 18th point in the article )
    Pls charge two bottles of water with the above serums and keep taking a sip (just sip, not more - take it like medicine) for every 30 min.

    2. You can take the energy of Sharat sir video using VK or by watching it.. "Switch words for Quick Weight Loss by Sharat sir" available in YouTube.

    VK pls give me the energy of the video "Switch words for Quick Weight Loss by Sharat sir" three times.

    Pls wait for the answers of the VK teachers. Thank you
  • @anamika87

    Can you please share what energies have you been taking and how many times a day and since how long with VK.

    Thank you Gayathri for posting your learning.
  • I was taking GS+FDS+BS+AWS+GMS
    charging two bottles per day and drinking throughout the day.
    I was taking it for about 2 weeks

  • @anamika87

    I appreciate your goal of losing 10 to 15 kg in one month.

    However for any body changes, enjoy and allow VK to make changes gracefully.

    If the body is tuned to certain metabolic pattern for long time, it mayl take time even with VK to change the metabolic pattern. 10 to 15 kg a month may be a very high goal :#

    :3 So do with patience. For motivation, you can take MOOD UP SERUM.
    Sir suggests GOLDEN SUNRISE MOOD UP SERUM and BEAUTY SERUM for self love and motivation.

    :3 Also my personal experience is that we should love our body the way it is NOW, even if there is a goal to lose weight.
    Keep the intention of perfect body weight and desired body shape. This attitude helps a lot and triggers signals at all levels in the body to shape up gracefully.

    :3 You can also do VOB of fatty areas of the body by rubbing VK on those parts for few min by chanting GOLDEN SUNRISE or BEAUTY SERUM.
    Check Process 1 Example 3 in this article.

    :3 You can even apply charged cream on fatty areas of the body.

    :3 Charging one bottle or two bottle, doesn't matter, its the frequency of dose. However even with more number of doses, as said above , please allow your body to shape up gracefully.

    :3 If there are hormonal changes, you can separately take GOLDEN SUNRISE FEM SERUM and BALANCE SERUM

  • Thankyou for the wonderful explanation @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher didi.

    @Gayathri ji your spirit with VK learning and helping others is much appreciated, GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts.

    @anamika87 ji, welcome to world of VK and its capabilities sure you will see amazing results in the coming time with VK.
    However the perfect suggestion is provided in the up comments, i am sharing some of my thoughts.

    Only loose Weight to look beautiful is an illusion as sometimes we feel lack of confidence and demotived in society.
    we can also focus on Desired Body Shape then all possible Energy will get focus on the Goal.

    when requesting for weight our thoughts get diverted between quantity later sometimes we feel if 15kg is not, 10kg is not happening atleast 5kg should reduced.

    Additionally you can request "VK activate energies for me to look gorgeous,slim fit body shape in the party"

    You can also charge your dresses with VK.
    Additionally you can follow any celebrity, actress or someone whose Body Shape you like motivational.

    GYM SERUM has all the energies of Exercises but based on my Personal Experience,
    One more thing you can do with VK
    Distribute your whole day to request VK for
    "Vk please activate a complete session of six-packs abs cutting excercise" ×3 times
    (With safety and security) for me

    "VK please activate 30 minute session of cardio exercise" ×3 times
    (With safety and security) for me

    "VK please activate 30 minute running energy " ×3 times
    (With safety and security) for me

    "VK please activate 30 minutes swimming energy" ×3 times
    (With safety and security) for me

    ....and more.

    VK can also mimic VLCC weight loss programme, or others energies.

    Do experiment and explore, i am sure to read success experience from you soon.
  • thank you so much @Gayathri ji @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher and @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher for the suggestions
    i will sure try all the suggestions and share my experiences with u all
    thank you so much once again

  • Thank you for your thank you @anamika87
  • Thanks @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher for your wonderful tips to mimic exercise sessions
    I have lost 3 kg weight in a week's time by using the recommended combination of serums and by requesting VK to activate sessions of cardio exercises But all throughout the intention is to go back to healthy body weight as I know for a reason that recently I have gained much weight due to some other health related issues.
    @anamika87 continue your healing patiently you will definitely see the results always good for you with VK. Just a thought we don't gain weight in a week's or month's time so we need to be patient when we are trying to reduce it as well.Keep your spirits high and be positive while doing any healing. VK will definitely bring THE BEST POSSIBLE results........
    Thanks Sharat sir for this invaluable gift in our lives

  • @Barinder - Supportive VK Teacher

    WOW. thats amazing. Thank you for sharing always. Intention is perfect !!

  • @Barinder - Supportive VK Teacher mam all thanks to Sharat Sir for thier Wonderful inventions.
    Thankyou for sharing your experience, your writings are always so motivating and helpful for us.
    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts.
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