Keep aside VK for 30 minutes

I am really confused regarding request to VK. This is because of the following:
- In some of the posts, it is mentioned that after requesting VK for 3 times, it has to be rotated over the things 15 or 20 times. e.g. we can request VK for TWS and rotate it on wallet. Whether we have to keep aside VK for 30 mintues afte this?
- In some of the posts, it is mentioned that after requesting VK 3 times for something, we have to keep aside VK for 30 minutes. e.g. we can request VK for time management of work in the morning and keep it aside for 30 minutes. Cant we just request VK for 3 times and not keep aside it?

I usually requests so many things to VK during the day but I dont keep it aside for 30 mnts every time I request. In fact, it happens that i request VK to do something by saying 3 times at go and then again immediately I request for some other things saying 3 times at go again.

Please clarify whether we have to keep aside VK for 30 mintues every time we request it for something?

Sameer Thakkar


  • @hello2sam

    When you charge water and things , they remain charged till they are consumed. Water and things are medium to receive energy.

    When you place a direct request or send energy through name on paper or on photo of a receiver like a person or situation....the energy is also consumed by the there is demand and supply of energy BOTH happening.

    So when you keep it aside you allow the receiver ie person or place to receive energy. VK is attuned to send energy for maximum 30 min for one request. After that VK remains idle for next request.

    If a person requests PAIN CARE SERUM for XYZ and Xyz gets relief in 10 min. Then you can break the previous request and place a new one.

    However if there is a wealth healing or chronic illness healing allow VK to send energy atleast for 5 min and upto 30 min.

    Imagine there is a reservoir which is created for receiver and VK keeps sending energy for receiver in reservoir. The same reservoir also has a tap where energy is released and consumed by receiver. So supply should continue for around 30 min as VK can send energy upto 30 min.
  • Q When I directly request VK for energising my wish , why should I keep it aside for at least 5 min or upto 30 min . Can I wear it immediately instead of keeping it aside.

    A. VK is an intentional tool. While we wear it follows our thought which are clear. If we wish to do any specific healing. After requesting if we still wear it and if our thoughts go on some other aspect of life VK will leave that first request and follow the next one. So VK starts taking next next thoughts.

    Suppose u requested for perfect health serum . Then while still wearing it after 10 min in your mind you think that your children should score well in semesters. Then after 5 min you think you should have a perfect body weight.

    So the first request of perfect health serum ...The energy sent was only for 10 min. Then 5 min for children and then after 5 min for body weight.

    So if we keep aside VK for 30 min. VK concentrates on that healing. Because it cannot follow our continuous changing thought -
  • When you charge water or things the energy remains in it as these are medium of energies. So VK is free after charging these things. No waiting required.

    Wallets you can charge once a day or more if you feel so.
  • When we use VK to send serums to a pic or an EC or an affirmation, we say the intention in the mind first.
    However, when we use VK to make a direct request, is it necessary to say the intention mentally first?

  • @Saibisa ji, intention is already in the mind so why a thought to make a direct request/or charging came to mind.

    Please take it easy don't get puzzled between methods so much,
    you are an old VK user now and using it perfectly be confident with your intuition.
  • To add on above mentioned information by @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher and @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher , please know that working for 30 minutes is a scientific mechanism of VK. VK is made so, constructed to work for 30 minutes on its own. You don’t have to sit and keep working as in other available healing modes, like Reiki or any other such practice.

    Like Rakhi said, You use water from tap ? and that water comes from tank of water ? But you use water according to your need. You can use for washing only hands or washing clothes. Washing hands would take less time but washing clothes may take much water and more time. But the mechanism of a tap and connected tank is to provide you water.

    Same way VK can provide you energy for any intention. It’s upto you if you want to wash hands or clothes or vegetables. Means it’s upto you that you want to use energy for health, wealth or any other issue.
  • @Saibisa
    Intention is what we feel, we can feel just in mind or by saying it loud. VK, being an intentional tool will pick up your clear intention even if you don’t say by words.

    So all you need is to be clear in your intentions, you just think or say loud doesn’t matter.

    Some intentions are small and easy to manifest but some need a detailed planning to work. Take each detail possible and work with a a plan.

    An example to explain.... if you wish to have an ice cream, your 2...3 requests or may be less request toVKwpuld manifest an ice cream for you. But if you wish to have car then you need to work on few things.... budget, or may be color of your choice where family wants other color, brand of car, space available for parking the car, first hand or second hand, small or big car and there can be many things related to buying a car. It depends upon person and his situation so each one will have to work according to their need and not just by reading others same wish.
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