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Energy Transfer feeling of VK

how can we ourself know or test that energy exchange is happening through vk


  • Dear @lunawat, You have posed an interestingly ticklish quarry, therefore the reply should also be ticklish.

    Tell me how did you came to know your wishes were heard by your deity, when you visited your place of worship last time ? Did you test it or was there a Receipt?

    I am sure, none of us has such knowledge and still we visit to our temple, mosque, Gurudwara or Church wherever we pray. We do not even ask the Godman also whether our God acknowledged the prayer, we just did. Evidently, the Godman too is incapable to vouch for such acknowledgement.

    Dear Sir/Madam, to know such transmission of energies (as happens through VK), we have to elevate ourselves. As this is no chemical or physical process that we may TEST it. The only way to know whether we have been able to avail the blessings of VK, are the results and results will come through practice and faith. In the process, as your psychic abilities grow, you may feel the energies yourself.

    So instead of examining whether VK is performing, my suggestion is, please prepare well and sit for the exam yourself. Experience will gradually develop your insight to know the exchange of energy. Till then, keep faith, on the long list of Testimony and I assure you will appear as one testifying same with your own experience.

  • @lunawat123

    After Sanjay Sir's valuable inputs , I would like to share few of my VK experiences.

    When i charge water with GAYATRI MANTRA, i feel a smoky taste, so i feel the difference.

    While i do VITAL ORGAN BALANCING, sometimes VK slips out of my hand, sometimes i feel the heat in VK, sometimes it gets so heavy that i can't rotate anymore and have to take pause for healing, indicating there is so much negativity in what i was healing or rather VK is drawing out all negativity and I feel in my hands.

    When i sent MAHA MRITUNJAY MANTRA to some dear one, i felt repulsion as if energy is not going out, later i came to know, the person already reached the LIGHT.

    I also felt repulsions from people who were not accepting energies through my requests.

    When i charge water with rotations, i do not count how many rotations, sometimes i feel repulsions and i stop, sometimes it comes in my mind, its done.

    In few cases i sensed that the situation doesn't require anymore energy so i stopped healing, later i got to know the work was done, when i got this signal.

    Feeling of energy is through practise as Sanjay Sir mentions. the more you allow yourself to align with VK, the more you will feel it.

    The feeling of energy transfer may need not be in form of senses always, it can be in emotions too, sometimes in form of results. Sometimes you may not see desired results, but later you will know, it was for your betterment, something better would come up.

    Also do not compare your experiences with others for VK, because each individual is unique.

    Do not get into questioning mode, perform your actions and leave it. You will feel VK more deeply.

  • Perfect quench to the thirst @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher sir @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher .
    Happy learning with you always.
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