• Can VS help with water problems - we have well water and have a terrible iron problem that we NEVER used to have - also I have not had my water tested so I don't know if there are other things wrong with it. Also what about unwanted pests/ biting bugs outside on your property? We live on a beautiful lake but this area has tiny little bugs maybe noseeums that bite and also black biting flies - we can't be outside and enjoy our wonderful home/property cause they are so nasty. I have my $$ saved up and would like to finally order my VS tomorrow just have questions on how and if this will help?!

  • @Julesmm


    VS is invented and attuned by Sharat Sir to work on a PLACE.
    It will protect the place from unwanted effects of WATER VEINS running near the property
    The lake may fall under this category.

    Check this article on WATER VEINS

    For drinking water, you can use VK, you can charge the water with GOLDEN SUNRISE and ALL CLEAR SERUM and/or request VK GOLDEN SUNRISE NEGATE THE EFFECT OF UNWANTED SUBSTANCES OR ENERGIES FROM THIS WATER.

    Regarding the pests/bugs.....outside the property

    You can use VK and request ALL CLEAR SERUM keep intention that they leave the place.
    You can even MIMIC the effect of SUITABLE PESTICIDE for this exterior with safety and security for the inhabitants

    To know the benefits of VS, please check this article.

  • thank you that was helpful :)

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