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Energy sending again if not consumed SUCCESSFUL MEETING with Boss

edited March 2018 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
Golden sunrise vk teachers

Actually I want to know whether the energy/ serums has to be send again if it not consumed...... Like

On Thursday my husband was going to meet his sir for some concerns so I was sending related energies/ sreums for the meeting.... But the meeting was not happened that day and now it is on coming Friday... So I want to know whether I have to send energies again or it is already there for the meeting as it is not consumed that day.....


  • @Dolly ji,
    Please understand fundamental of Energy
    We are requesting/praying VK as we worship god and we don't know how many prayers needed to fullfill a certain wish.
    We do karma good karma and followed more and more but we don't know which one will give result.
    Yes Energy will work from the very first stage but we don't know the quantity required to fullfill a wish, so regular intakes and increase frequency is always guided by Sir.
    One more thing we can't justify if one wish will be filled in a day,week,a month or in once request only.

    If you are charging water/ any homeopathic pills or other things then it can be consumed till it gets finished.
    Please Send energy with the intention of Good outcome till it filled or follow your inner guidance.
  • edited March 2018
    The meeting is today at 5 and I m sending G's+ alpha male+tws+acs... I have one doubt- .....I want to send beauty serum also to his communication skills... So can I send it with this combination or have To send it separately....
  • Keep sending the energy@Dolly

    Energy created earlier was also there and even now you are sending the energy. Keep going

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your efforts
  • @Dolly ji please make second request..
    In first you are sending energy to the person but second wish is for their conversation so please do seperately.
    You can also send GOLDEN SUNRISE to the meeting, to paper, files documents.
  • @Dolly

    When its peak time or critical time, don't think of procedures or energy divisions.

    Just go on requesting.


  • Dear @Dolly, Whenever you are confused or full of questions, Use a simple formula. Request in your own simple language with full of your faith. Like here if you affirm to VK "O my dear VK, please Bless today's Meeting of <husband's Name> to conclude successfully in his favour", you will get an awesome result.

    Design your sentence and request. This is applicable in all cases.

    Share your experience.

  • Yes that true.... Request is rather more simple....
  • Yes the meeting was successful and we got what we r expecting....through this meeting...

    Thanks to all vk teachers and specially to Sharat sir.... Thanks from bottom of my heart....
  • Yes I did both the request separately.....
  • @Dolly That's great to know. :thankyou for sharing your experience and success with VK.

  • @Dolly ji, congratulations your happiness is rewarding and gratitude to @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor ji, thats why Sir invented VK cosmic serums and now VS to see everyone happily abundant.

    Thankyou @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher ji for your suggestions are always best of best Sir. We are really blessed by your Knowledge and light Sir :thankyou
  • @Dolly

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Congratulations to you and your better half.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts.

    I am now shifting this post to VK SUCCESS STORIES....lets motivate all with our VK experiences !!

  • Wow, @Dolly ji
    Thank you for sharing. @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher sir, thank you for reminding us all to use the simple heart felt language with VK.
  • :thankyou @Dolly ji,
    for your simple command experience.
    :thankyou Sanjay Sir
    :thankyou Sharat Sir

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