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In the mid of the week, if you are the one who has still a lot of pending work in the office or at home. And you are thinking about how to complete the task or project on time.

Here is the solution with your VK.

Just hold VK and say ALL CLEAR SERUM TO MY WORK/PROJECT. Say this 3 times in one go.
While requesting keep the intention of completion NOW.
NOW speeds up the healing.

ALL CLEAR SERUM will help to remove any blocks or negativity in the execution of that work/project.

Energies will clear the path... You just have to do your actions.
The frequency of such requests will depend on the severity and urgency of the situation. Do as per your inner guidance.

Additional Tip: Send GOLDEN SUNRISE to all the actions in the work/project in our own words or with your intention. This will further speed up your work.


  • Simply WOW is the word for this technique as I am the one who is always overloaded with work. Thank you Thank you Thank You Rakhi Di, I am so much grateful to you and Sharat Sir for making things so easy to achieve...Thank you Divine, Divine always bless you Sharat Sir and a so beautiful dedicated Team Members like Rakhi di, Puneet Sir...

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