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Success with another DEPRESSION case

edited March 2018 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
GS..This case of 5-6 year old depression patient with lot of other issues,he was on lot of medication too..started giving him rescue remedy,all clear serum,mood up serum...for first 15 days not much change in his pattern,then i discussed his life issues in details....then changed his dose now with calm down serum,balance serum...then start showing change...last sunday he messaged me ...that from last so many years he didnt had good sleep,his sunday were pathatic ,as free he feels restless,anxiety issues,now this sunday was joyfull,he can sleep well for whole night.All thanks to sir for creating beautiful ,wonderful tool to help us in such simple way...Thanks universe choosing me for vk to help people in such a simple n easy ...making changes in so many lifes


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