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VK TIP 19 –Relief from Menstrual Pain with EFT, irregular menstrual bleeding, hormonal imbalance

:3 For menstrual pain, irregular menstrual bleeding, female hormone imbalance, VK users can do EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).
VK has a special feature of mimicking other healing techniques including EFT.

:3 Just hold VK and say VK EFT TO MY WHOLE REPRODUCTORY SYSTEM x 3 and keep VK on your lower abdomen or keep it aside for around 30 min.

Any emotions trapped causing unbearable pain can be released with EFT using VK.

:3 This healing can be done even in drinking water by charging the water with the same request (Above request in capital letters). This can be even added with FEM SERUM, PAIN CARE SERUM, and GOLDEN SUNRISE energy in the same water.

:3 Additional Tip: This healing of EFT using VK can be started 3 days prior to expected menstrual flow.

:3 Male VK users can also send this energy to help their spouses or female family members when required.

:3 VK users need not know the details of EFT like ...How it is done. VK mimics EFT just with a simple request.
The number of doses will depend on the severity of the pain. In acute pain drink this water one sip every 10 min.

:3 Now, we have BALANCE SERUM which includes energies for releasing negative emotions and balancing the hormonal system, so this can be included in all healings.

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