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Drink 4 dose

Golden Sunrise
My doubts is
1. One dose equal to how much ml?
2. One dose to second dose what is the time period?
3. Can I consume more than 4 dose?
4.if I can't completed 4 dose perday, what will happened to my energy's or I can't get full benefit of energy?


  • GOLDEN SUNRISE @Sanjayva

    1. One dose can be as small as a sip.
    2. All the doses should be spread throughout the day. However , In emergency like high fever, high blood sugar levels, high BP, one can take one sip every 10 to 15 mins repeatedly to normalise the body.
    3. Yes you can. 4 dose is a general guidance.
    4. Energy requirement is based on persons own needs. As you take the dose, energy is consumed. So it needs to be replinished.

    A person may feel full energy with eating just 2 meals a day, but a baby may need a feed more than 10 times a day.
    Same way, you will be able to judge your own requirements, you can choose to take number of doses accordingly.

    A person with high sugar levels may require more KEY PEN SERUM, while one on maintenance would be good with 4 doses.

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