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energy of facial

GOLDENSUNRISE my vk family....rkhi di kindly suggest me some brands for tht i take facial treatment through vk


  • @shaluoli

    You can please check the Lakme website or Enrich website or any other brand and choose....

    You can mimic the sessions sometimes with safety and security.

    But do visit the beauticians to pamper yourself too.

  • @shaluoli

    Hope you are also using BEAUTY SERUM and ALPHA WOMAN SERUM in water and personal hygiene /beauty products !!

  • Yes di m using beauty serum alpha woman serum in water nd in all beauty products....lots of love......will surely visit to beautician bt m very afrd my skn is very senstve..
  • @shaluoli

    When you visit the beautician, charge the beauty products and her tools with BEAUTY SERUM and GOLDEN SUNRISE with your intention.

    Send GOLDEN SUNRISE and BEAUTY SERUM to her skills.

    You can use BEAUTY SERUM and ALL CLEAR SERUM for sensitive skin.

    Don't be afraid, take BRAVO....

  • Love u angel
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