How to increase weight

Im sending healing for weight gain to my friend but there is no increase in weight.. its been a while now since i have been sending healing.
I used-- WGS,PHS,DS,GS
but no result
What to do?


  • @dipankr98

    Since how long you have been sending this. what frequency ?

  • 4 times a day..been around 1 month
  • @dipankr98

    You can send ALPHA WOMAN SERUM to specific body areas where extra mass is required for woman and ALPHA MALE SERUM for males.

    Along with whatever you are giving....

  • But why is it that the above mentioned didn't work even after 1 month???
    What can i do for that?
  • @dipankr98
    There can be many factors for a delay or no result.
    If you hold your focus in that it might continue having no or more delayed results.
    We would suggest you to keep going, results will Show up for sure.
  • Okay..thanks.
    But generally asking.. what are such factors??
  • Still no results.. why?
    Working for other things.. why not with this
  • @dipankr98

    Do it with patience and leave the results to divine energies !! Its only few weeks !!

    Also check does your friend really requires weight gain . Is your friend healthy or are there any other health issues?

    Can you please post the current height weight age gender of your friend here and post how much change are you expecting .

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