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VK TIP 14 – Taking Care of Pain with VK Charged Creams

If you have pain in body past many years, you may need more energy to heal it.

Other than taking PAIN CARE SERUM and PERFECT HEALTH SERUM in water or other methods.

You can even charge any cream with GOLDEN SUNRISE and PAIN CARE SERUM and apply it on that pain part 3 to 4 times a day or as many times as convenient to you.
In this way the energy remains on that part for a longer time.

Just hold VK say PAIN CARE SERUM 3 times and rotate on the cream pack (10 to 15 rotations for 500 ml). Also add GOLDEN SUNRISE energy for enhanced effect.

This can be done for any type of muscular or joint pain.

You can do Vital Organ Balancing of any joints or paining muscles for self or others in an easy way OR you can even do VOB directly on the pain affected area by rotating VK over that area as shown in this video.

Additional tip : You can even charge your pain balm or any gel prescribed by your doctor with these energies.


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