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VK TIP 13 – Help Someone with Cataract using PSYCHIC SURGERY Mimicking

What can be done for Cataract with VK ?? B)

:3 Psychic surgery can help to remove unwanted growth patterns including depositions in Cataract eyes.
VK can MIMICK Psychic Surgery of Reiki method.

You can now do Psychic Surgery of eyes for cataract using VK without the need to know the methods in Reiki.

:3 Just write the name of the patient on a paper. Hold VK and say
VK Please do psychic surgery on the eyes (you can specify left/right/both). Say this 3 times.
And keep VK on the name for 30 min.
Do this process twice a day. You can even BOOST this healing with Multiple VKs.

VK has the wisdom of how to do Psychic Surgery by Reiki. VK users need not even know what is Reiki or Psychic surgery. This is the beauty of VK.

The number of sessions of Psychic surgery will depend on the severity of the illness.
Please note Psychic surgery through VK CANNOT be done in drinking water.

EYE SERUM and VITAL ORGAN BALANCING of the eye can be continued separately in an easy way too.

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