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How does VK connect newly invented Serums

edited November 2017 in General Discussion
I got my VK in March 2017.. And there were 23 serums in the manual.. And post that I see and use couple of serums as and when Sharat Sir or Rakhi Ji posted about new serums..

Gym serum, Alpha serums, Brain serum, Balance serum etc..

Here I am sure there is definitely a way where we VK holders can use these new serums.. Though they were not manually attuned again by Sir..

I felt excited about the concept how my VK connects with new serums which were introduced by Sir somewhere n me n my VK are at some other place.. Wow..?

This invites more respect, love and gratitude towards Sharat Sir n VK.. But I am still shocked .. Just how.. ??


  • @Madhoo

    Cosmic Serums are energy packs released in the Universe by Sharat Sir. Sharat Sir programs them for use with VK when he launches them in the Universe.

    So any VK users can use the new Cosmic serums ..... the same way as we use older Serum. No special attunement or formality.

    All serums are now explained in details on

    You can now check how to use each Cosmic Serum creatively, check the hyperlink...

  • That's really amazing... Introducing serums to Universe, thus making Universe to work for us with our VK requests..

    Really interesting info n learning.. Thanks to you..
    And hatsoff to Sharat sir.. For such great inventions.. :blush: :+1:
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