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VK TIP 11 – Protection While Travelling in Car...Safe travel in vehicle

:3 You can charge your Car air freshener with SHIELD OF 7 RAYS using VK.

B) When you put the freshener ON during travel, the fumes from charged freshener will create a Shield for the car and the travelers.

:3 Just hold VK and say SHIELD OF 7 RAYS x 3 and rotate over the freshener...10 to 15 times. It remains charged till it is used up.

:3 In case you are not using a Car air freshener, you can simply request VK SHIELD OF 7 RAYS x 3 to my car and my family (or the ones who are traveling)

:3 You can use SHIELD OF 7 RAYS even while traveling in any other own or public vehicles including flights.

<3 SHIELD OF 7 RAYS works only with VK.

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  • I have been charging PERFECT HEALTH SERUM, SO7R and GOLDEN SUNRISE before taking the car everyday from a month or so!!! Today fortunately I planned to wash before taking it to office which I usually dont on Monday's, when I started and trying to engage the gear it was not happening then when I opened and checking due to some oil leaking the problem. So I took to service center and got the problem rectified, Miracle in this is from past one week whenever I took the car after sending serum, its issue was not major or did not have any breakdown and Divine VK timely guided me to have rectified today else if I had taken car directly when leaving to office it wud have been major issue. Thanks to Sharat sir for giving us various SERUMS to make our life easy.
  • @girichander

    Thanks for sharing your experiences. The beauty of PERFECT HEALTH SERUM with VK is that it can be given even to non-living things.

  • 3 SHIELD OF 7 RAYS works only with VK.

    Rakhiji, would this mean we have to carry/wear VK always before energizing with SO7R, during even emergencies?

  • @success811

    It means SHIELD OF 7 RAYS cannot be requested by non VK users
  • How can we use Air fresheners / perfumes in a similar method for our house and place of work. Which cosmic serums can we use?

  • @suds1977

    You can use TOTAL WEALTH SERUM

    Any positive energy

    You can check on litairian website and read about Cosmic Serums....and share more ideas.
  • VK experience in local travelling by @Chetandurdi

    SAFE and EASY TRAVEL DAILY to office

  • GOLDEN SUNRISE Rakhi maam, Nowadays it's a must to be protected while travelling as there are people driving rashly, unexpectedly. Only giving SHIELD OF 7 RAYS command to VK with intention to protect the vehicle and the people inside it, helps a lot. Thank you Divine VK, Sharat Sir, Rakhi maam. God bless everyone.
  • @Sriya
    Yes SHIELD OF 7 RAYS works wonders.
    It's a special blessing from Sharat Sir with VK
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