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Continuous chanting of Serum names while rotating

Will VK interrupt the charging process or continue charging the energy of serums or any other request while requesting to VK beyond 3 times...


  • @Anit Nayak - Supportive VK Teacher

    Is your question for same request beyond 3 times ?

  • Yes same one

  • You can continue, it will energise continuously. When we give the request, there is also consumption of energy by receiver.

    When you keep requesting, more energy is supplied.

    Like we do in Vital Organ Balancing we focus continuous energy to one organ or thing.

    Also in case of emergency, we chant energy name more frequently to supply more as need is more.

    I have been doing GOLDEN SUNRISE MARATHON HEALING i.e. chanting GOLDEN SUNRISE Frequently for long time and even continuously, and it has given amazing results.

    Very critical conditions can be healed like this.

    Even when you have multiple problems, and you don't know what to keep intention can continuously or frequently chant GOLDEN SUNRISE wearing VK wishing for a happy prosperous peaceful life . You will experience amazing changes.

    You can do with SERUM names also. You can use MAHAMRUTUNJAY MANTRA chanting with VK for critical health cases also.

    This is shared by many VK users too....

  • Sharing this for all.....

    If you feel you are stuck in your life and feel helpless.
    You feel there is a constant struggle in one area of life.

    What can be done powerfully with VK??

    You can run a Marathon healing with VK using GOLDEN SUNRISE

    Imagine the situation in your life and intend changing it into a good working situation.

    Hold VK in your hand and start chanting GOLDEN SUNRISE continuously. Do this for long time may be few hours depending upon the case.
    You can take short breaks . The more continuous the better.

    You can continue this next day as much as you can even while you work.

    You can just wear VK while chanting and request healing the situation with chanting GOLDEN SUNRISE as much as you can maybe more than 1000 times a day.

    If you have many such situations just intend for a happy happy happy life and do this.

    This is an amazing experience. You will break many or all barriers and come out with flying colors.

    Many VK users have done this successfully. Now its your turn.

    To know how GOLDEN SUNRISE chanting helps read this article by VK teacher Payal Jain

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