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How are COSMIC ENERGY generated and used by VK

I want to know how is cosmic energy generated when I call any serum or Bach flower remedy. On what level VK connects?
As I at times I call All Clear Serum and Wolf help now a lot and it works but I want to know how and at what level it connects ?
As I have a feeling God wants us to do something which not only benefit us but the entire universe? Is it like VK is a tool which is actually helping not only us but sometimes others too?
Request you to please help me with the same as I am confused?


  • any suggestions ?

  • Golden Sunrise dear @Shrinath, Have you ever been inquisitive of some more riddles of the universe like :
    1. What makes DNAs react to form a foetus?
    2. Why don't a Human gives birth to a monkey?
    3. Why won't a seed of Rose plant will not grow as a Cactus?

    Its the manifestation of the Nature which is formed of Cosmic Energy and has its own intellect. Not only Nature, but planets, galaxies, stars.....I mean the whole universe that we know is formed by Cosmic Energy. We have to understand that whatever we see, don't see, feel, don't feel, existing and even not existing is manifestation of Cosmic energy.

    There are 16 rays of Cosmic energies out of 11 respond to our will, while 5 are beyond. All of us take birth, live and die into the cosmic energy but our abilities are limited, so inspite of being within Cosmic energy, we are not able to interact with it. VK is the medium to do so. It does not connect but is just simplifies or translates this divine energy to us. VK has its own intellect which means that it know what to do, where to do when to do and how much to do. That is why, it is always suggested that please do not command VK, but just request to it. It is also said that, the more you be-friend VK, it manifests more and more to you. It means that more you are in league with VK, you are in frequency with the cosmic energy and the divine power is with you.

    Yes, VK is the will of the Divine. It has come to our life to enlight and enchant it. Alongwith it connect us with the bigger mission ie. to serve the mankind.

    In this context, it would not be out of reference to state (to all) that some people in trance of their Egoistic mind-frame, sometimes conceal the grace/achievements of VK and glorify themselves having divine powers. It does not diminishes the grandeur of VK because it is like a Sun which could not be held behind the clouds for long.

    Hope I am clear in my opinion.

  • @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher

    Super beautiful guidance by you Sanjay Sir. I just loved it.

    Thank you so much for each word flowing from your heart for VK and Sir.

    Jai Ho to our Sharat Sir and his Divine invention, our FRIEND IN NEED AND DEED....VK !!

  • @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher - Are there just 16 Cosmic energies or more which are unknown to us?
    Secondly when we say to request VK but at times VK being our friend we become aggressive and pursue it for wrong doings, So in such cases how does cosmic energy react or work ?

  • @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher sir

    Thank you for this clear explanation of the Divine working. Thanks to @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor sir for inventing this miracle in our lives.
  • @Shrinath

    There are 16 Cosmic energies. One can surely get aggressive and impatient when he/she doesn't get what we want, it can be either direct or through VK. Universe has to give what you want or what you ask for but VK is locked by @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor sir in such a way that it can only reply to your positive approach. It may never do harm either to you, your loved ones and even your enemies even if you ask for or pursue it for wrong doings. So be at ease, use VK for best results, let energies get you best for what you have asked.

    giving you a short example: A person wants a particular job, he is in desperate need of a job and wants a particular job only. Thinking that VK can do anything for him, he keeps sending energy for that job. Along with that job he has few more desires attached with this job in his mind and those are high income and easy working hours which is not possible in that particular job. So, may be VK will work for you where you get all three of your wishes in one request and that is a job, high income and easy work hours. But the person would think why Iam not getting that job even after sending so much of energy.

    The point to understand is that VK has its own wisdom and will get you best and according your intentions ONLY. Nothing more or less. One need to have a clear intention, send energy and wait for best results to be out. So even if one gets frustrated or angry VK will work only for good.
  • Thankyou sir for another beautiful explanation. Gaining knowledge day by day and raising worth of my life is what VK comes for me as a blessing.
    Gratitudes to Sharat sir for giving this platform for group learning here.
    Gratitudes to @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher Sir ji.
  • Thankyou @PJ-Certified VK Teacher didi with this beautiful explanation of VK working through Angry emotions.
  • Based on the serum I had a query. Lets say I pass Love serum to the god or planets, and at the same time TWS and PHS with SO7R to me and my loved ones and the vehicle used. Also at the same time, I send ACS and Love serum to all traffic at the same go. Is it a right way or I can try something else ?

  • @Shrinath

    If you send the energy to different healing at same time back to back you are not allowing to energise it sufficiently.

    So think about it are you allowing it .if you do this continuous request. If it would been this simple you could manifest everything in one moment.

    You are sending energy and changing it to next request and then next !!

    Also remember actions are also important while you energise your multiple wish are also doing your actions for all these wishes at same time.

    You need time to act on each wish.

    We are living this life as a journey to do actiosn for each desire. Suppose we energise a womb but the baby comes after 7 to 9 months. You build a bunglow it may take a energise wvery action as it comes
  • Dear @Shrinath, What would you think of me, if I go to a restaurant and order, a plate of Japanese Sushi with Sambhar Vada and then ask for a plate of Noodles with Shahi paneer along with a Mix Raita.

    Or If I accept my wife's proposal to go for a movie, at the same time when I have a meeting with my boss and an important customer is likely to visit my office for a big deal.

    You will definitely say that I am mixed up and consequently messed up. In my opinion, when we have several important tasks to attend, what we must do is proper planning and plan in a manner that all allied tasks could be amalgamated. My suggestion is that you should plan properly so that you may focus on the healing you are doing. Focusing gives the task proper and required energy.

    Hope you will agree with me.

  • @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher

    Wonderful classic example . Mouthwatering too though can not have it all. :#

    Thank you Sir
  • Very yummy reply @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher sir . As usual awesome and sparkling reply.

  • Thank you teachers for the clarification. So the need of the moment and energy required for the same has to be asked first.
  • Yes @Shrinath , know what all you want to manifest and prioritize them according to your need.

  • @Shrinath

    There can be other ways to manage multiple healings.

    Like you can charge the water tank of your relatives or water bottles in above example that you stated with Cosmic serums instead of all direct requests.

    If you feel you have more healings to take care some your own and some for relatives, then you can even do with 2 different VKs !!

  • @Rakhi, @PJ, Thanks Ladies for the good words. Be my guest for yummy things but you have to prioritize and combine the food combinations properly. :wink

    @Shrinath, thanks and no offense, just tried to explain.

  • @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher

    Thank you Sir for the invite. Would love and manage all =) when it comes on the same platter with BALANCE SERUM :nampungaer

    GOLDEN SUNRISE, now will put a CLEAR Intention to my VK , that we have a party at Delhi NOW with VK Team along with VK inventor @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor and @Vandana Mam .

    What say @PJ-Certified VK Teacher , @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher , @Pooja

  • @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher thanks for the detailed explanation. Good to learn and actually i tried implementing it today morning to reach office early and it manifested. Still a long way to go :)

  • :mikirpakeotak @PJ-Certified VK Teacher Ohh......everybody took it seriously??

  • :sweat_smile: woww lovely sir
    i join party late here.
    :beautiful use of emojis :smile:
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