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VK TIP 10 – Charge Toffees for Children

Another way of taking serums is to charge toffees or candies or chocolates.

Especially for children, you can give them extra energy through the way they like.
Not restricted to children though...Can be done for any age group.

:) For children playing sports and games, charge toffees with PERFECT HEALTH SERUM and GYM SERUM for their stamina, healthy bones and muscles, and body flexibility.

:3 Charge toffee/chocolates/candies with PERFECT HEALTH SERUM AND IMMUNE SERUM for a healthy life.

:3 If you have cough/cold charge with ENT SERUM and PERFECT HEALTH SERUM.

B) Charge with DIGEE SERUM and PERFECT HEALTH SERUM for good digestion.

:3 Charge with STUDY SERUM and BRAIN SERUM to increase focus, concentration, and memory.

B) Charge with EYE SERUM and PERFECT HEALTH SERUM for good eyesight.

=) If children are addicted to cell phones, drugs, or smoking or alcohol addiction, charge their foods or candies with ANTI ADDICTION SERUM.

B) Charge with MOOD UP SERUM and BALANCE SERUM for their happiness

<3 For teenagers, charge with TOTAL WEALTH SERUM and ALPHA WOMAN SERUM (for girls)/ ALPHA MALE SERUM (for boys) to make them career conscious and be a Winner.

:3 Add the energy of GOLDEN SUNRISE in all above for an enhanced effect.

Just hold VK say the energy/serum name 3 times and rotate over the items 15 to 20 times depending upon the size.

Once charged energy remains till these items are consumed.

Use VK in creative ways and share your experiences.

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