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VK TIP 6 – CLEAR Your Kitchen Sink Daily

To keep the kitchen or other sinks clear..... send energy of KIWI DRAINEX or any other such unblocking agents or mixtures using VK.

KIWI DRAINEX is a mixture of powders , a known brand in India, used to clear blocked sinks easily.
VK has a special feature of mimicking. So it can even mimic this treatment without use of actual KIWI DRAINEX powder.

Just request “VK please give effect of KIWI DRAINEX to my kitchen sink Now “ x 3.

You can even charge water using VK with energy of KIWI DRAINEX and put in the drainage.
This can be done frequently or intermittently depending on the requirement

You can do with any other brand you know with similar function.

You can even use ALL CLEAR SERUM for same purpose.

Read more about special mimicking effect of VK in this link.

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