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VK TIP 5 – Charge LPG COOKING GAS CYLINDER to make it last longer

Charge the LPG/Cooking gas cylinder at your homes using VK with GOLDEN SUNRISE energy on a new refill.

Just hold VK and say GOLDEN SUNRISE 3 times and either

Rotate VK on LPG Cylinder, around 100 rotations OR
Keep VK on the cylinder for around 10 min instead of rotations.

This helps in keeping the LPG cylinder’s long lasting utility. Observe it lasting 35-40 days if it normally lasts for 30 days.

If there is a Pipeline cooking gas connection, charge the pipeline meter once in week or fortnight by just requesting
VK please send GOLDEN SUNRISE x 3 to my pipeline gas connection and meter
and keep VK aside for 10 min.


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