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How about making someone laugh instantly and some fun with VK B)

Send the energy of Kapil Sharma's Comedy Show or any Laughter Show you know using VK.

Just request "VK please give me/xyz effect of Kapil Sharma's comedy show Now " x 3.

VK has a special feature of mimicking effect. We have tried the above tip many times... Now it your turn to make someone laugh. =)

Read more about special mimicking effect of VK in this link.

For a person who is feeling low or sad or depressed since a long time, you can add this laughter show effect energy with GOLDEN SUNRISE and MOOD UP SERUM by any of the methods.

Here the energy name would be "EFFECT OF LAUGHTER SHOW" to send with any methods.


  • Golden sunrise
    If i want to mimic the energy of gym workout of any particular muscle how do i make a request to vk for it. Thank u
  • edited March 2018
    @Ashwin Golden Sunrise

    I follow this and it's working for me

    DIVINE VK Please send Gym Serum Gym Serum Gym Serum to my Ab crunches workout.

    It's working beautifully for me, I am seeing enhanced results and I also feel more energy and end up doing 10 more crunches than usual and sometimes more.

    If I may suggest, you could follow the same.

    Let's say if you are doing Triceps workout. You can request like this

    DIVINE VK Please send Gym Serum Gym Serum Gym Serum to my Triceps workout

    If you are doing multiple workouts, for instance if you are doing biceps and triceps in one workout schedule please make separate requests.

    Make request for Triceps before you start the workout and when you complete that and about to start biceps or any other work out make request to VK for that before starting.

    If your individual workout lasts more than 30 minutes you may want to make a second request after 30 minutes is up.

    If it lasts less than 30 minutes and when you move to the your next work out, please make a request to VK for that workout, VK will start working on your next request.

    Hope this helps.

  • edited March 2018
    @Ashwin .. Above is just one way to do it. As you may know already VK is an intentional tool.
    In my experience, as long as I kept my intentions POSITIVE and used the right serum names correctly (when using), VK worked beautifully for me even when my request was not properly organized in words.
  • @Ashwin

    DivineSoul has put up a very nice waay to use GYM SERUM to specific parts of the body.

    If you don't know the Gym practices, you can simply take GYM SERUM with intention of flexible strong body.

    GYM SERUM has energy of required exercises, including breathing exercises, yoga postures.

    You can even mimic effect of any exercise if it comes in your mind.

    Like Suryanamaskar or even energy of 10 min Treadmill walk with a specific speed by just requesting VK to mimic the effect of that exercise and intention safety and security.

    GYM SERUM is completely safe, it can even be used by pregnant women. One of the VK teachers @Mudit - Certified VK Teacher used GYM SERUM for his twin babies in mothers womb .

    Explore VK in infinite ways.

    How to place a request , read this learning post by Sharat Sir

  • Golden sunrise.
    Thank u all for helping me..
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher Thank you for your detailed guidance as always.
  • Rakhiji how to request for suryanamaskar or 10 min treadmill? Thanks
  • @Vjt

    Just say in our own words
    VK please give me effect of Suryanamaskar with safety and security..

    VK of 10min treadmill walk at ....speed..with safety and security
  • Thank you so much.
  • Thank you mam for guidance.
  • I dint understand the intention behind the usage of gym serum in pregnancy , can anyone give clarity ?
  • @Apurvapalyam
    In pregnancy there are restrictions on physical exercises.
  • @DivineSoul can we request workouts in water ?? As I want 6 pack abs with in 1 month
  • @mahaveerchauhan28_
    You can explore and let us know the results
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