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VK TIP 3 – Charge Fatty Foods with FLAB DOWN Serum and DIGEE Serum

:3 How much can you resist Ghee , Butter, Cheese, Paneer(Cottage Cheese) , Edible oils to have a check on your perfect weight.

All these foods are also required by the body in small quantities to have a balanced good fat.

B) You can now have a reasonable quantity of these foods by charging them with FLAB DOWN SERUM, DIGEE SERUM using VK. Add GOLDEN SUNRISE energy for enhanced effect.
Flab down serum stimulates multiple organ secretions to improve metabolic processes.

Method :

:3 Hold VK and say “GOLDEN SUNRISE” x 3.
Rotate VK on the food packet or container for 15 to 20 times for up to 2 lit or 2 kg pack.

The food item is charged with GOLDEN SUNRISE. VK is free for next request.

Then again hold VK and say “FLAB DOWN SERUM” x 3 .
Rotate VK on the same food packet or container for 15 to 20 times.

Then again hold VK and say “DIGEE SERUM” x 3 .
Rotate VK on the same food packet or container for 15 to 20 times.

The food item is charged with both energies ie GOLDEN SUNRISE, FLAB DOWN SERUM and DIGEE SERUM.
VK is free for next request.

:3 Number of rotations for charging foods will depend upon the SIZE of the pack .

500 gm butter or a pack up to 2 kg may require around 20 rotations for each energy.
5 lit edible oil can may require around 50 or more rotations for each energy.

:3 If there are bigger size edible oil can say 5 lit.

Here you can either do rotations or instead of doing rotations…..
You can request EACH energy name 3 times same as above method, and just place VK over the oil can.

Keep VK for 30 sec (Up to 500 ml/ 500 gm pack) OR
for 2 min (Up to 2 lit or 2 kg pack) OR
for 5 min (2 to 10 lit or kg pack)

Each energy should be charged back to back one after the other separately.

Energy will remain till the food item is consumed.


  • WOW... yesterday I charged my vadapav with FDS :-) I am a frequent eatter of junk food... and oily food iteams

  • Golden sunrise..
    Can i use FDS to reduce the rigid flab on my tummy which is not goin watevatever exercise m doin.. Other wise i hve 4 packs on my abs n trying for the lowermost 2 but not able to get.. Plz guide
  • Yes @Ashwin , you should add FDS in your workout plan. Add Gym serum too.

    Alpha Male Serum or Alpha Women Serum too can be added according to the person.

  • @Ashwin

    You can also Rub your VK on the tummy where you feel to shape up. While rubbing you can chant BEAUTY SERUM or FLAB DOWN SERUM or GOLDEN SUNRISE. You can do this daily at least for few minutes.

    Please Check Process 1, Example 3 in this article of Easy ways of doing VOB

    One more suggestion you can change this thought

    "Rigid Flab on my tummy not going whatever exercise i am doin" to


    Remember VK is an INTENTIONAL tool, it listens to your clear positive intentions, when you repeatedly say Perfect body and Desired Shape, you will create more energy for this wish. Hold the image of your desired body shape your mind.

    Also by saying Rigid Flab not going , you might be attracting more rigidity on tummy from Universe.

  • Thanks alot for the advice.
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