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What goes behind designing VK for every individual

When I got to learn about the cosmic energy and the litarian site and on reading so many articles and posts by people I saw many people saying the benefit of the VK. I have not seen VK been sold to anyone just like that in commercial form but after going through lot of questions and answers it's been sent to the individual. I would like to know what is the process being followed as I know that VK works only on positive aspects and thought of the wearer.

I know that there are some methodology involved which someone like me may find hard to understand too. It's just out of curiosity that, I am asking the question.


  • GOLDEN SUNRISE Shrinath,
    Please clarify, What process or methodology you want to know/understand ?

  • Guess this article by VK Teacher Payal Jain will have an answer for your question

  • Dear Shrinath, Golden Sunrise, As Rakhi enquired, your quarry not very clear. But still as per my understanding, let us first be clear about the eligibility factor. As mentioned by you, VK is not given to anyone paying for it. The reason behind it are two. Firstly, Sharat Sir, who has gifted VK to all of us, has a unique Mission of producing serious Healers and not Buyers. We as practitioners of VK feel that the price we pay for VK is a symbol of token for a priceless device. Moreso, we feel a worth of something we pay for. Hence, we always care for a basic worthiness of whom a VK is been awarded. Secondly, VK chooses its bearer. This fact has been observed several times by us where many people aspiring to hold a VK could not be fortunate enough to get it. Laws of Universe are amazing.

    However, in my opinion, your quarry about the methodology is not subjective. To explain in a lighter way, you do not go to Samsung or MI to ask how did they produce the mobile that you are using. Or why is a certain restaurant's meal is delicious, when you use the same ingredients at home. Anyways, Jokes apart, VK is endowed with case sensitive locking system, by the virtue of which, it locks itself whenever an affirmation which is Negative in nature is requested of it. VK is attuned to connect with the mind of the bearer. Mind is the fastest travelling medium which reaches anywhere and anybody. Being the prime navigator, the bearer's mind and his intentions, compassion and affirmations, paves path to the Cosmic energy borne in VK to resolve the subject issue. As we be-freind with VK by continuous practice with utmost faith, it keeps on performing even without our affirmations......just our intents are enough to activate a healing then.

    Rest is all in the above-mentioned article if you study.

  • My query is more with regards to there are individual who have different types of situations or mindset. Some who have lost everything they had and some who are in middle of the storm or crisis. They request VK and they may think VK is their best friend. So is there any as to check if VK has chosen them as their best friend or not?
    There are two possibilities here one people start seeing positive outcome and other is things keep on going as they were without any change people see though wearing of VK.

    So how can one be ensure as people can have short term benefits requirement and long term both and how can they ensure that VK is getting them close to the milestones?
  • Ok, now your quarry is visible. Thanks for clarifying. No doubt its a very interesting question you have posed.

    Y'see, when we are practicing with VK, first thing we should be very clear that we are in a voyage in the ocean of energies, wherein we have to swim our way through the waves which have their own intellect of the cadre, much above our logical mind. So, not always do you know which the wind is blowing. Its your faith which keeps you standing tall and your patience which reaps the crop.

    People in distress, generally lacks both. But they have to understand that they wait for years, going to their places of worship, repeating their prayers everyday, still sometimes they never get it. But again they will go to ask for the same to their God. Have we ever thought, why such sincerity is seen at a temple and not in our endeavors? Its the faith in our mind which is trained to be so. Same is required in the practice of VK. Your quarry is an example of that. You are checking on whether VK may choose a particular person in distress. Now would a person in such dismay think when he may pray to the Almighty "Oh lord, please get me out of this mess" and check whether I am in HIS good books? No he will rather pray as a son to his father. This faith will bind him with the bigger energy.

    Likewise, when we bear a VK, our intentions should be that we may become its best friend and not doubtful whether VK will choose us or not. VK bears the most powerful energies of the Universe and has a unique intellect. Rest assured it is a friend of friends. Matter of choice is between positive and negative intentions. I promise from my experience that VK have never let down One who holds out his hand for help.

    I will re-quote that Rakhi mentions very often - To VK, ask like a child, as if you are surely going to get the candy from your father.

  • Thank you Sanjay sir for the clarity :)

  • More you talk / use VK BHAI , it starts understand you and your needs, and become your best friend
  • Goosebumps while reading the article about Sharath sir I can imagine how much passion and hardwork he has done Inspiring... thanks for sharing
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