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VK TIP 1 For A Healthy Life - Charge Water Used for Cooking in the Kitchen

Daily charge the water used for cooking your food using VK with PERFECT HEALTH SERUM. Add GOLDEN SUNRISE to have enhanced the effect.

In this way, all the family members will receive energy of PERFECT HEALTH SERUM in all cooked food items. An easy way to give energy to the whole family.

Perfect Health Serum has all the energies for a healthy life.

Method :

You can use this method while working in the kitchen...

Hold VK and say “GOLDEN SUNRISE” x 3. Keep VK on the water vessel. It can be kept on the lid of the vessel too.

Keep VK for 30 sec (Up to 500 ml water)
for 2 min (Up to 2 lit water)
for 5 min (2 to 10 lit water)

The water is charged with GOLDEN SUNRISE. VK is free for next request.

Then again hold VK and say “PERFECT HEALTH SERUM” x 3. Keep VK on the same water vessel.

Keep VK for 30 sec (Up to 500 ml water) OR
for 2 min (Up to 2 lit water) OR
for 5 min (2 to 10 lit water)

The water in the vessel is charged with both the energies.

VK is free and can be used immediately for any other request.

Each energy should be charged back to back one after the other separately.


  • Thank you sir

  • Thank you Sir for VK manifesting healthy life in simple ways.

  • Thankyou sir for this wonderful VK tip with easy process in detail
  • O God i cannt believe this... my water charging tech was also wrong :'(
    Will correct it... thatz y i was wondering y my weight loss is not happening even though i am drinking the charged water the whole day... And my son's cough and cold also not going off..,

    Thanks Sharat sir and Team!!!

  • @Sulatha ji please feel free to post your query in this Litarian forum.

    You can charge water both ways with VK.
    1. Energy name 3 times and keep VK on bottle for 2 minut / 2 ltr.

    2. Energy name 3 times and rotate 15 to 20 times upto 2 ltr.

    Please also check these learning videos by Sir.
  • Thank you so much!! These VK tips are sooooooo helpful and such great reminders!!

  • Puneet sir, I use to charge the water as below:
    holding VK ... GS GS GS, FDS FDS FDS, All clear serumx3 , Beauty serum x 3... then rotate 20 times
    is this correct?

  • @Sulatha

    Please check in Sirs post, its back to back charging, one energy at a time.

  • yeah... i jus checked... Thanks... I will be checking my other energy giving techs... as i am feeling i doing everything wrong other than the physic surgery that i gave my son... pls do bear with my questions...

  • @Sulatha

    Please don't hesitate to clear your doubts. We appreciate your participation in all ways on Forum and your enthusiasm too

  • Thank you Sir for all the VK tips.
  • Sir this energy will get diluted when mixed with other cooking items?? Or it wl remain same?? And suppose water is heated then too energy will remain same?
  • I haven't tried it with cooking water till now
  • @ Kari

    Energy doesn’t get affected with temperature. You can cool it or boil it fry it or freeze it in any food item.
  • @Kari

    Energy may get diluted but not to the extent that it will not have effect.
    This is a very tried and tested tip.

    Do share your experiences

  • I have an Aquaguard water filter that stores up to 10 litres of water. I want to charge it with GS PHS IS BS and SO7R.
    I hold VK in front of the filter and say the name of 1st serum 3 times and then keep VK on top of it for 5 minutes. Then I say the name of the 2nd serum and so on,
    Is it the right way to do it?

  • I have an image of the water filter with 10 litres capacity belonging to a person living outside Mumbai.
    I charge the image with GS ACS SO7R OSS and CDS.
    I say the name of each serum 3 times one after the other and then keep VK on the image for 30 minutes.
    Is it correct?

  • @Saibisa
    yes the way is correct but what are these energies for?

    1. Charging my Aquaguard filter with Golden sunrise, perfect health serum, Immune serum, balance serum and shield of 7 rays is for all round wellness for my family.

    2. Charging the image of the water filter belonging to a couple outside Mumbai is for harmony in their marital relationship

    Is 30 mins enough to charge a water filter of 10 litres capacity

  • @Saibisa

    Of you have been using VK since long then now learn to know when the energy gets filled up in the huge or small quantity.
    Whenever the energy is filled in the contents there is a repulsion by the energy. Of you want to learn this then please do try to know when this repulsion happens.

    Time of 30 minutes rotations is just an approximate number and nothing fix, As it also depends upon the healer. A new healer might take time to send energy but a highly spiritual person or an old healer might be able to do it more fast.

    Hope you will try to learn the repulsion with VK and share your experience here.
  • @ Saibisa

    Also note that if you are making rotations with VK with your hands then follow the above mentioned way bit if you are making a request to VK and leaving VK on the it or anywhere then leave VK for 30 minutes and let the energies work.
  • @Saibisa

    If you are charging a water filter. The filter should have stored water. Earlier models had a storage water with filter candle inside.

    Nowadays many models don't have a storage facility, its like fresh water coming from tap every time you put it ON, so in this case please don't charge the filter assembly thinking that water will be charged.

  • We have water purifier with 10 litres water tank inbuilt... And every time we take water, this tank will be topped up... So in this case is it possible to charge the water in the purifier?
  • @Chetandurdi sir,
    You should not charge this water purifier as every time the fresh water will mixed with charged water.
    Sir you can please charge any reservoir if you store water from this water filter.
    you can charge water bottles as per need.
  • Thank you @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher ji. I am following the above said method. :)

  • When charging an 'image' of a water filter with serums, I say the intention as "VK pl activate the water filter of XYZ via this image of the water filter with Golden sunrise x 3 times. Is this the correct way?

  • @Saibisa please just request VK PLEASE CHARGE WITH GOLDEN SUNRISE× 3
    And put VK on the image.
  • No need to say intention ?

  • @Saibisa

    I do this way the way you mentioned.....only that i think about it in my mind....the intention part...

    Energy names also i think in my mind and put VK on the bottle or image

    What Puneet said that you can directly say the energy names too

  • Thank you

  • What if i send energy to image of bottle and if bottle was not filled by the receipient while i charged?wl energy go to the water wen it is filled later by the recepient?
  • @Kari

    Image would be sent to you after water is filled.
    In case it is not filled with water but you are informed only by words then understand that when there is no water in the container, what will get charged?
    So make sure that there is water to charge.
  • Di actually image has been sent once n i dont ask image everyday.but sometimesit happens that i charge bottle image and later cum to know that bottle was empty.image of filled bottle is taken only on 1st day .thats my query
  • @Kari

    You can fix a time with that person , whose water bottle you are charging daily.

    Suppose the person says that he or she will fill the bottle daily before 9am. You tell that person that you will energise it between 9 am to 10 or 10.30 am daily. So he or she can start drinking water after 10.30/11 am.

    This is the way i have been doing for more than 20 water containers a day just charging with intention of the container or its image in my mind , requesting energies and keeping it aside.

    The time range gives you flexibility in your own schedule. In above case if you miss charging before 10.30am and remember it later , you should still charge it, because the person is supposed to drink through the he or she would definitely get some energy doses.

  • Yes @Kari
    You should have the image of bottle filled with water or you must be informed that water is filled so that you can charge.

    @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher has already given you a solution to it.
  • Is it okay to charge water bottle with an affirmation?
    Hold VK over the bottle..say "I am getting healthier day by day now forever" x 3 and then rotate 20 times?

  • @Saibisa yes you can charge water bottle with Affirmations also.
  • @Saibisa
    Please know that 20 times roatation is an approximate count. Rotation also depends upon the quantity of the liquid/water/food.

    Know that as the given quantity of water is full with the energy sent, the energy makes a repulsion. It can tell you when to stop rotating. Try to experiment and share the result. It may not or may take time for you to know the result as it depends upon a healer ( new or a old healer) also. How sensitive the healer is.
  • @Saibisa

    You can check here this learning post from Sharat Sir, what kind of energies can be given with VK. It covers all positive energies ........

    The procedures are same for all energies in water. Only that Psychic surgery should not be given in water.

    With this affirmation , you can also add PERFECT HEALTH SERUM GOLDEN SUNRISE and IMMUNE SERUM too.

    I have been charging water with positive lines including affirmations, it works wonderfully.

    Like if a know a person is very upset, in the water charging i request VK..... VK Give PEACE OF MIND TO THE PERSON WHO DRINKS THIS WATER, along with other energies.

    OR MAKE THE PERSON JOYFUL NOW FOREVER for a person who is sad to cope up with health issues, along with health serums


    Try with new sentences and see what happens.....

  • Golden Sunrise, I wanted to know can I energise all kinds of eatable same way as we charge water for Cooking and Drinking with different serums. Please also let me know for eatables do we need to keep the VK for 30mins after we do the energy transformation in to the food.
  • @PriyoGoldenSunrise

    Yes you can charge all eatables. The procedure for charging water and eatables is same.

    To know about VK procedures, please checks the posts in this link
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