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How to use vk for job?

I am looking for job change past 6 months. I can't sustain office politics from my team and especially my boss.

Please tell me how do I come out from this with VK


    1. Take combination of GOLDEN SUNRISE, Total Wealth Serum, Mood up serum and Alpha Male Serum (for males) /Alpha Woman Serum (for females) everyday at least 4 times in a day in water or any other method daily to attract prosperity.
    2. SHIELD OF 7 RAYS for self, your job and your career….daily at least twice in a day or more depending on the need
    3. Hold VK and say this
    “VK GOLDEN SUNRISE make way for my new perfect job Now” Say this 3 times in one go. Do this frequently during the day as you feel.
    Keep in intention about best suitable job profile, deserving job designation, deserving salary , desired location, cooperative working environment, flexi/suitable timings…..whatever is important for you to choose.
    4.You can do GOLDEN SUNRISE manifestation for a new dream job. Read here for GOLDEN SUNRISE manifestation.
    Prepare your own manifestation as per your own requirements. Read 3 times in one go.
    Just hold or touch VK and say
    “VK please send
    TOTAL WEALTH SERUM TOTAL WEALTH SERUM TOTAL WEALTH SERUM to my wish titled My dream job” Say this 3 times and keep VK on your written manifestation for 30 mins
    Do this once/twice a day.
    5.Watch Sharat Sir’s video for Switchwords for getting desired job or take its energy with VK just before sleeping at night.
    6.Send GOLDEN SUNRISE and Total Wealth Serum to new job application, Resume, interview , negotiations and offer letter.
    7.Take Bravo Serum before the interview and give Beauty Serum to your communication skills.
    To improve situation in current job
    1. Send Love Serum to your boss/superiors/team members.
    2. You can also send One Soul Serum to self, your boss/superiors/team members along with Love Serum.

    Check the links to use VK more creatively.

    Thank you

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    Dear Rakhi, Golden Sunrise.

    I have completed the final round of interview for a role i really want. I am using the Golden sunrise manifestation for it using point 4 you mentioned here.

    Would it be more beneficial to continue chanting GOLDEN SUNRISE for 15 mins after asking VK to send energies to the wish? Also, i remember reading somewhere that if it is a specific job in mind to chant GOLDEN SUNRISE REACH JOB in place of GOLDEN SUNRISE only.

    I really need this job, please advice.

    1.Yes you can chant GOLDEN SUNRISE as much as you wish. Keep the intention that you get the best deserving offer and job NOW.
    2.During the day, you can also Request VK to activate your project with GS and TWS. Just take the title and activate. Increase the energy now. This is in addition to reading it and activating as given in point no 4 .
    Thank You

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