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GOLDEN SUNRISE success stories!!!

GOLDEN SUNRISE: Just two words but has infinite miracles which many of us are yet to explore, for me GOLDEN SUNRISE is same as e=mc2 formula by Albert Einstein or maybe beyond. In simple words, GOLDEN SUNRISE or e=mc2 is nothing but experiencing future at present, that is why Sharath Sir and his team always mention just writing GOLDEN SUNRISE with right intention can make any wish come true so intention matters a lot and when combined with GOLDEN SUNRISE, it works at the speed of light or beyond!!! I was blessed with litairian website in Dec 2016 and powerful knowledge which i could share with my near and dear ones was the two divine words-GOLDEN SUNRISE!!!

  1. My cousin's marriage was planned in May 2017 but had to re-call since it was groom's second marriage and he had become very abusive couple weeks prior to marriage and also he wanted the marriage to be low-profile. Finally elders of family decided to postpone/cancel the marriage but her original PAN and 12th marks card got held with Groom's family. Meanwhile she lost her job also due to uninformed absence from office, so all this situation put lot of pressure on her and was totally lost!!! Through my mother i asked her to write GOLDEN SUNRISE RAINBOW JOY, within few days she started writing and it made her feel better and initially Groom's family denied to give back PAN and marks card, a month later Groom's mom came to her home and returned it. In a couple of months, her previous company manager called her and said to join back to work and he will talk to HR. In three months of writing GOLDEN SUNRISE RAINBOW JOY, Her life got back to normal and recently we heard that the groom whom she was about to get married met with accident and expired!!! Most of us mourned his dead but her parents felt it was divine guidance to cancel the marriage.

  2. My Parents planned for Chaar dham trip in May 2017 and they are going for trip after 25 years. It was 15 days trips and the travel agent was through reference so my mother was little paranoid about the trip and services since every time my father has gone to south-indian temple through travel agency, the food and hotel services were not that good. Also my mother have Spinal problem due to which she can travel for too long in car or bus and also walk long distance. So i said her to write GOLDEN SUNRISE REACH NOW a month prior to her Chaar dham trip to have optimal health. After my parents returned from the trip, till date they speak about the trip and to be most comfortable trip with complete care by the travel agent in arrange food, stay and other facilities. I know it was the effect of GOLDEN SUNRISE!!!

  3. My cousin had back to back issues with his job, he was under sade sati (Shani) and had to under go multiple problems in his life along with that no job. Even if he gets job it wud be temporary or office politics and also he was not clear in his career path. I asked him to write GOLDEN SUNRISE REACH NOW for having clarity on his career and permanent job, around 45 days of writing, he was offered job from his previous company which he left around 3 years ago and also he had clarity to continue his career in that field instead of call center jobs. He recently got trained on specialized skill which was sponsored by his company and awaiting for promotion and appraisal. He still continues to write GOLDEN SUNRISE REACH NOW!!!

  4. My cousin have a site in hosur (outskirts of Bangalore) which is his father purchased as investment but his dad is no more now. so he wants to sell that and purchase a flat in Bangalore since his occupation is based here, all documents and taxes are up-to-date and the property is in the main road but he is not getting good buyer. Few buyers are ready for throw-away price but he does not want to give since it was his father's hard-earned money. I asked him to write GOLDEN SUNRISE and he has almost completed two books, so my mother said he is writing but nothing is happening. I said big things take big time, for sure he will get the market price for the property and also keep his intention to get best price instead fixing the price while writing.

  5. My sister-in-law is very jovial person whereas my brother's mood keeps fluctuating. So some or other way conflict used to happen between them and my sister-in-law would be upset for troubling him knowing his nature, so i asked her to write GOLDEN SUNRISE RAINBOW JOY and she has also completed 3 books and she said me that everything she writes, some kind of happiness flows inside her and irrespective of outside situation she feels calm. Previously she used to show her frustration to her 5 years old kid and later repent, from the time she has started writing things have changed drastically in her life. She is more focused on family harmony rather than fighting or arguing since the home environment is very important for her kid to grown.

The first thing i noticed while chanting or writing GOLDEN SUNRISE, the person starts to feel calm and pleasant and once the calmness is in the mind then person gets clarity. In that clarity whatever is wished for is manifested NOW!!! I want to share GOLDEN SUNRISE to many people whereas free knowledge is as good as no knowledge in today's world but still my wish is to bring GOLDEN SUNRISE in everyone's life whoever i come across and will share more success stories in this forum.

Many many thanks to SHARAT SIR for bringing positive changes in many many life's and still continuing with research to make everyone's life PEACEFUL and WHOLESOME!!! Sharat sir's contribution proves DIVINE exists and nature of DIVINE is to give unconditionally which sir has given us in form Switchwords videos, Energy circle, self-reading meditation, cosmic serums, cosmic code videos and the MOST Favorite of everyone "THE DIVINE VK" which is miniature of Sharat sir :-)


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