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Headache on Forehead and Eyes Gone

edited February 2018 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
Dear mentors, since morning I have headache that is forehead and both eyes too.... i am unable to do any work.... i have taken eyes serum and pain care serum but it's not working .... what should I take please help.... Thank you.


  • @1234567

    You can plz Rub VK on pain part and request VK to HEAL ME NOW FOREVER.

    You can include PERFECT HEALTH SERUM, ALL CLEAR SERUM with EYE SERUM and PAIN CARE SERUM if headache is due to tired eyes.

    You can also request this
    "5 min eucalyptus oil head massage now and POWER NAP of 1 hr with deep sleep WITHOUT REAL sleep and make me feel fresh now"

    I did this recently and my headache went off within few min. B)

  • Thank you Rakhi Mam will do it right now.... i have to attend function in eveng today.... Thank you
    Can I charge water with "energy of two hours deep sleep" and drink it for every two hours?
  • @Gayathri

    you can please experiment this new idea . it would be learning for all of us.

    Also please note, body should get rest daily with real sleep also. Because it is not only about remaining awake or alert, but also body undergoes many metabolic and other processes during sleep which is important for our life.

  • Thank you mam ????????
  • Golden Sunrise Rakhi Mam.... my headache was gone after taking your advice.... Thank you so much it worked.... Vk always helps...
  • @1234567

    Thats great dear. plz share what did you actually do =) with VK

  • Mam actually I rub vk on my forehead and eyes and requested vk to heal me now FOREVER.... after that I requested VK to give me real 1hour deep sleep and make me fresh after nap.... also taken 10 mins eucalyptus head massage and this all worked.... Thank u so much...
  • wow I have these symptoms for past 2 days ...going to try it now...will give feedback.
    thank you for sharing

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