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VK to help a person in ICU for speedy recovery

edited February 2018 in VK SUCCESS STORIES

My relative is a diabetic patient.
He was sick since the last 5 days with severe cold, cough and high fever. He was given medication for it. From Friday morning he had severe breathing problems. He was rushed to hospital. The doctors did some tests and told that he has severe flu. His sugar levels are also very high. So he was kept in ICU and was given oxygen for breathing support. The doctors told that his sugar levels should come down for them to start the treatment.
Rakhiji, I request you to please let me know how to use VK to send distant healing to my relative so that his sugar levels stabilize and doctors will give the necessary treatment.
Please also suggest what can be done for his speedy recovery.
I stay in USA. My relative stays in India. I will not see him. So Please explain how I should do healing for my relative.


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