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I'm worried about my Job

edited November 2017 in Money Discussion

Golden sunrise all.. I'm working in a MNC company and have a complex situation that our project may go off and don't know
what will happen to our jobs we have time till December to know the exact picture what is going to happen.

I'm trying job in some other companies and my application not processing at all and keeping on hold. Trying all the possible ways to get references but not moving forward.

Please guide me a process to make things fast to get a good job with VK.



    1. Plz give SHIELD OF 7 RAYS to self, your salary, your job and your career. SHIELD will protect you from all negativity.
    2. Charge drinking water with combination of GOLDEN SUNRISE+TOTAL WEALTH SERUM+STUDY SERUM +ALPHA MALE SERUM daily at least 4 times.
    You can add MOOD UP SERUM and BRAVO SERUM if you feel low.
    3. Give GOLDEN SUNRISE and TOTAL WEALTH SERUM to your job application, documents, Resume, all processes like emails, interview, negotiation.
    4. When you appear for any interview or negotiation , use BEAUTY SERUM and GOLDEN SUNRISE for your communication skills.
    5. Hold VK and say this
    “VK GOLDEN SUNRISE make way to manifest my new job NOW” Say this 3 times in one go. Do this frequently during the day as you feel.
    Keep in intention about job profile, job location, deserving salary, good work environment, cooperative staff and colleagues, appreciating boss/superiors......whatever is important for you to choose.
    5.You can do GOLDEN SUNRISE manifestation for a new job. Read here for GOLDEN SUNRISE manifestation.
    Prepare your own manifestation as per your own requirements.
    Read 3 times in one go.
    Just hold or touch VK and say
    “VK please send
    TOTAL WEALTH SERUM TOTAL WEALTH SERUM TOTAL WEALTH SERUM to my wish titled My dream job” Say this 3 times and keep VK on your written manifestation for 30 mins
    Do this once/twice a day.(Better to do once just before sleeping)
    6.Watch Sharat Sir’s video for Switch words or take its energy through VK
    getting desired job

    For more creative ways to use VK , click on the hyperlinks

    My personal experience is when i shield my career , VK makes me a Winner among many others. Alpha Serum brings in more confident to deal with people and situation. Total Wealth Serum brings in prosperity from multiple sources.
    Study Serum improves our focus on our priorities.
    GOLDEN SUNRISE opens new ways....remove add this energy to every task.

    You can also send LOVE SERUM to your projects and superiors, it will help you to maintain good relations. Send GOLDEN SUNRISE to all the tasks in your current projects.

    Love Serum can be sent to Universe to make things easy.

  • Thank you Rakhi ji I will follow the the above things mentioned

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