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Can I Attune energy in jewellery permanently using VK

edited November 2017 in General Discussion

Can VK attune anything like jewellery, things etc or can it only charge it with cosmic energies?

Thanks in advance.


  • What kind of attunements do you want to ask? Please clear your question.


    i am asking that can i attune my wife's jewellery with all clear serum so that it attuned for life time and continue supply positive energies. i dont have to attune again.

  • GOLDEN SUNRISE @madhavbs
    Thats not attuning, thats charging things with VK

    Sharat Sir has attuned Cosmic Energies in Vk. as he is divinely blessed to see the Cosmic Energies. He is specially blessed to attune those energies permanently in VK and he has locked them in VK so that no one can de-attune it not even himself.

    VK can be used by anyone to charge things , people, events. You can energise your wishes manifestations with VK You can send energies to planets, deities, Universe, living , nonliving things, to ancestors too.....the list is infinite.

    All Clear Serum is a combination of energies made as a Cosmic Serum by Sharat Sir and released in the Universe. Cosmic Serums can be accessed only with VK.

    When you charge these the supply of energy happens to them but the energy is also consumed by things , people, events, wishes, manifestations,planets, deities, Universe, living , nonliving things, ancestors too.

    Like we eat 3 to 4 meals everyday, energy is consumed so needs replenishing.

    In this case, please charge her jewellery using VK as frequently as you need to.

    Attuning jewellery is possible for Sharat Sir as he is blessed to do so . With VK its possible to charge and replenish the supply.

    Thank You.

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