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What is the treatment for PARALYSIS?

Hi All

My father is suffering from paralysis from past 2 months. Please let me know how to treat it? What is the frequency of treatment ( I mean doses of water) should be given? If any other related helpful information can be shared please do so.

Thanks and Regards
Chetan Shirol



    2. You can give this combination directly or charged water for him.
    Please give energy dosage 8 times or more or follow your inner guidance according to his need for energy requirements.

    3. You can also charge any cream with these energies and apply on the body parts.

    4. You can also do VITAL ORGAN BALANCING of BRAIN for him chant GOLDEN SUNRISE or MAHA MRITYUNJAY MANTRA during the process.
    Please read in the link to know about VOB process.
  • Thank you Puneet Sir

  • My Next query is on Skin related problem. Please share the solution for Skin related problems Vitiligo Skin whitening problems.

  • Hi All, I bought VK for my dad who is suffering from paralysis. He is on medication of allopathy and Ayurveda medicines. Along with it we started giving charged water on daily basis. I blindly believed VK and adopted in daily life. We started seeing improvements day by day. Now my dad is started walking with single trick. Common question raised in everyone's mind which medication worked well. Personally I felt that VK enforced medicine to cure the disease. Thank you Sharath sir and team.

  • @chetan_shirol

    Thanks for sharing your experience AND HAPPINESS

    . Your wish to get VK for your father....this was your very strong clear intention....i feel this is the VERY first inner emotion which added energy for healing. And this must have been everyday.

    I don't know what specific energies you have used. I guess you used BRAIN SERUM and MAHA MRITUNJAY MANTRA which works wonderfully.

    Many times medicines start working with VK energy, because there is liberation of mental blockage and even at soul level it accepts the healing IN ALL WAYS. This is based on my personal VK experiences with critical relatives for whom i am doing healing for months.

    Please continue your healings...Also share what energies you used, it will be a learning and inspiration for all of us.

    Thank you for your thanks .Thanks to Sharat Sir for beautiful ways of VK !!

  • @chetan_shirol

    Now you can add GYM SERUM too for flexibility

  • I have charged water with GOLDEN SUNRISE, BRAIN SERUM, HEART SERUM, PERFECT HEALTH SERUM, BALANCE SERUM, IMMUNE SERUM . . . I will start adding ALL CLEAR SERUM and GYM SERUM . . . I did not use MAHAMRUTUNJAY MANTRA but let me know its significance

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