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How does VK help me.. Kick out Snoring ???

Hello all.. GOLDEN SUNRISE..

My husband snores badly and denies when I talk about practicing Breathing Techniques/Meditation which would ease and slowly stops him snore.. Its hereditary, and most of them in his family snore.. otherwise he has very good deep sleep and is active throughout day.. God's grace.. no health issues
And that't the reason he doesn't worry about it and asks me to accept it..
However, being a light sleeper/insomniac, I get disturbed and sometimes feel difficulty falling asleep, even though I am completely tired.. and wake up late/slog next day..

I keep sending him these energies before he sleeps.. "O DIVINE VK Please give all required energies to my husband's sleep pattern" and sometimes I give "GOLDEN SUNRISE GOLDEN SUNRISE GOLDEN SUNRISE ENT SERUM ENT SERUM ENT SERUM to my husband's sleep pattern"

I have been taking energies as well in the night.. "O DIVINE VK Please give me a deep good night sleep for next 6 hours and wake me up at 6:30 AM afresh"

But it didn't work till now.. I end up sleeping in Sofa Couch.. and spoiling my health.. back ache and shoulder aches.. He doesn't want to sleep me in Sofa and spoil my health.. but at the same time he isn't working towards his breathing.. I don't blame him.. Like how I cannot sleep with noise as its not in my control, may be he cannot stop snore as its not in his control..

Yesterday I even thought to purchase ear plugs to keep me away from snorers.. It may help me tentatively.. But how can I help him.. Its embarrassing when we travel in nights..

Please guide me through this.. Thanks in advance!



    To have good sleep take HEART SERUM + CALM DOWN SERUM
    + BRAIN SERUM You can take more doses from evening onwards....

    Click on the hyper links to know how to use VK creatively.

    You can also request VK EFFECT OF POWER NAP WITH DEEP SLEEP for n number of hours and wake me up fresh at x 0'clock.

    The word POWER NAP will help you. Based on my different experiments on sleep request with VK, i could find this one the best.

    For your husband, you can give him a combination of BRAIN SERUM and HEART SERUM as most of the time snoring relates to muscular control and oxygen flow from blood vessels. If he has any allergy you can add ALL CLEAR SERUM.

    Directly request VK bless my husband deep sleep free of snores.

    Thank you

  • Sure Rakhi Ji.. I will try thee and share my experience..
    Thanks a lot.. :-)

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