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What is the cure for persistent cough?

edited February 2018 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
Golden Sunrise,
Both my sons have a bad cough since almost a month. Have been giving them charged water since a week( ent serum+all clear serum+ immune serum+energy of zapper healing 9 volts 10 kilo Hertz). There is still no relief. Is there anything that I need to add to this combination? Thank you


  • @Varsha

    Please increase the frequency of healing to every 15 min. the best way would be to give in water or charged toffees so that its easier for you.

    If you are giving the above combination only by direct request to both together, the energy will get divided between the two children.

    You can also add energy of KOFOL SYRUP with safety and security. I have used this many times for stubborn cough, and it worked wonderfully without need of any physical dose of medicines.

    If there is no infection, you can remove Zapper from the combination.

    Also give a direct request to VK to send MAHAMRUTUNJAY MANTRA to their health. This you can give to both together. Request this more frequently.

  • @Varsha

    You can do VITAL ORGAN BALANCING of respiratory system

  • I have been charging their individual water bottles with the serums and energy. I will do this now Mahamrutyunjay Mantra and vob also charging their water with Kofol syrup. Thank you so much for your guidance
  • Ma'am thank you so much for your guidance both my sons persistent cough which was there since a month has reduced a lot in a day's time. Will continue the same treatment and keep you posted. Thank you once again
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