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Divine VK guided me to right treatment!!!

I was suffering from multiple issues over past couple of years and one of the reason for getting the blessed VK. I had rhinitis allergic (continuous sneezing (5-10 times at a stretch), watering and itching eyes, blocked or running nose), which would be severe in Spring and winter affecting my daily activities. Due to continuous sneezing, i started developing upper back pain and my entire upper body became weak and weak day-by-day. I tried many home remedies since allopathy was not permanent solution for allergic, but i used to get relief for just one or two days. Most of the time i would start my day with Sneezing and end the day rubbing my eyes due to watering and itching. More than allergic, upper back became more problematic and i had to get treatment for it first and i ended up with Ayurveda but it was just temporary relief with lots of money in treatments and medication. Finally i gave up on all these and started with vital organ healing with Divine VK... that's when the MAGIC started happening in my life, my mother visited a homeopathy doctor few years ago and she was planning to visit her again and i accompanied her to try remedy for my allergic, Surprisingly doctor gave me hopes to cure completely and gave couple of homeopathy medicine and now it's been couple of months i have hardly sneezed or have itching eyes or blocked nose. All this within the cost of 1000rs whereas previously i have spent more than 5-6k without getting relief. Just when i thought one problem is solved and next to focus on back-pain, one of my relative referred us to a acupressure expert who is good at treating Pain-related problems and that too without taking any fees. It's been one and half month, i am able to sit without back support for pro-long time which was difficult previously.

Divine VK guided me to right person for immediately and permanent relief for the problems i was having for years and my heart felt gratitude to Sharath Sir and Team VK for giving the tool(Or yantra) who protects us, guides us and leads us every step of our life. Considering business minded society and benefits of Divine VK, Sharath sir is indeed incarnation of the divine for gifting us the COSMOS with infinite possibilities.


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