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Kundalini Meditation by Sharat Sir

Dear @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor / VK Teachers,

Request you to through some lights on Kundalini meditation by Sharat sir.
The Dos' and Don'ts' as well as the benefits plz. It would be a great help.


  • @Pusp

    Have you heard this audio and practiced it anytime ?

  • Yes Mam.. I felt relaxed. I wanted to know about it's dos and don'ts'.
    Sp put this question here.
    And can I take the energy of this meditation as well with VK?

    Thanks !

  • @Pusp sir,
    :+1: There are nothing like any do's, dont's and any rituals to follow in this meditation.
    :+1: The instructions are already guided by Sharat sir during this meditation as to sit, lay down or to fold, not fold legs. You can please follow according to your body comfort in which you can sustain 30 minutes easily.

    :+1: For your other query yes sir you can take energy of KUNDALINI MEDITATION by Sharat sir by VK with mimicking ability.

    :+1: Sir My Suggestion is must do this or any meditation physically to experience the Bliss and Vibrations, Energies Sensations in your Body.

    :+1: KUNDALINI also knows known as serpent is actually 'kund' ( storage ) of energy below Base chakra (root chakra )
    When kundalini rises through Base chakra to all chakras and finally to Crown chakra
    It open up all the chakras and cleans whole Energy channels from end of spine to the Crown chakra.
    It is said that after this KUNDALINI ACTIVATION a person tends to be live in SUPREME BLISS of LORD SHIVA.
    A person becomes highly spiritual being with all psychic abilities clairvoyance, third eye are activated. However nowadays people claim kundalini activated but for my opinion SUN don't need to tell people that i am sun.
    SPIRITUALLY "LORD SHIVA" represent the process of Kundalini.

    i do this kundalini meditation or any Other meditation 'empty stomach' reason is then my body is completely free to feel energy sensations and vibrations. otherwise body is already consuming energies for digestion process.
  • Hello Master Sharat can we get this meditation in English please ? Or at least the transcript ? Thank you

  • @ptatefo

    Please wait for English version, Sir will be sharing it once its ready.

  • Good Morning and Happy New Year!!!

    Please, is the Kundalini Meditation by Sharat Sir already available in english?

    Many Thanks and Golden Sunrise to ALL

    Its in Hindi on
    Happy New year to you
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