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15. What is Meant By Placing A DIRECT REQUEST To VK And Its Advantages

One of the simplest method to use VK is to directly place a request to it. A direct request to VK means, talking to VK directly WITHOUT using any medium like water, paper, picture or anything else. You can use any language for requests. You can say it in your mind or say it aloud, VK will follow you.

Here are some advantages of placing a direct request to VK:-

  1. You can talk to VK about any wish that you have in your mind with this method.
  2. You can send any specific energy to any receiver using this method.
  3. You can mimic any energy or healing sessions using this method.
  4. You can use this method anytime, anywhere without a medium.
  5. You don’t need a paper or photograph for this method.
  6. You can use this method even while driving, cooking, traveling or when both hands are busy at work when you are lying on the bed or even while bathing.
  7. You can send energies to people, places, things, vehicles, pets, plants, animals or even to situations or events with this method irrespective of your distance.
  8. You can send energy to planets, Universe, horoscopes etc.
  9. You can send energy to projects, activities in a project from any distance.
  10. You can send energy to soft skills of a person like to his talents, skills, speech, creativity, performance from any place.
  11. You can energize your written wish or Golden Sunrise wish manifestation project distantly.
  12. You can energize your vision boards distantly.


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    There are INFINITE POSSIBILITIES with VK using this direct method.

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