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How to activate Third eye

edited November 2017 in Spirituality Discussion

Last 5 months i am trying to activate my 3rd eye by doing meditation in the early moring 5-6AM.I am hearing many vibration sounds that decalcify my pineal gland,can you please guide me how can i achieve it with the help of VK.


  • Activation of 3rd Eye is the most difficult practice. Yogis spend years to initiate a flicker in the 3rd eye. With VK, you have got a great opportunity to do it with ease. Time is immaterial, what is required is your comfortable position and silence. Place your VK on your palm and cover it with your other hand in a cup shape. Relax and affirm to activate your 3rd eye and let the energies work.

    Please be noted that such activation is not a momentary affair. It is a process and takes its time. Moreover, Divine happenings choose their bearers. Hope you are among them. Best wishes for this happening. Do share your experience, it will be pleasure to hear.

  • Thanks for your guidance sir,I follow the same and i am confident in this,soon i share my experience

  • Can you please give me the affirmation to activate the third eye

  • The best affirmation is the one which is requested in the simplest words. VK listens to your request made in any language of the world. Remember, once held or worn, VK connects to your mind, so affirming "Dear VK, please cleanse and activate my Third Eye" is enough to activate. But this activation is a gradual process, which requires great amount of spiritual worthiness as this is an ascent of your awareness. One has to be patient and sincere.

    Statutary Warning : Along-with Activation of Third Eye, Ego creeps within us. It is recommended that we should also request for Humility in our behaviour and conduct.

  • sanjay ji thanks for your kind information.I follow the same.

  • Thanks a lot for the question and for the excellent guidance
  • @aruna5616 Can you pls share your experience about your third eye activation process.

    Thanks and Regards
    Dhan SatGuru Dev
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