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VK experience in just 14 days of receiving VK

edited January 2018 in VK SUCCESS STORIES

Thanks to Sharat Sir and Team for VK and all the timely assistance.

I am a 14 day old VK user, Would like to share few experiences

  1. Within one and half days time my severe heel pain healed upto 96% which i was suffering for 2 and half months. I had requested VK only once for the healing.
  2. Without requesting VK my gas-lighter started working better. I know its the effect of VK because before that it use to give me loads of trouble.
  3. Sir helped me with which serum to use for severe UTI infection which my hubby was suffering for more than one and half day so much so that he had to wear diaper for work. It was Men serum and all clear serum to be charged in water and sip in every 10 mins. My hubby's pain and frequent urination reduced considerably within 20 minutes.
  4. The best one was... when VK was on its way to reach me... i had mentally said "Let me see who all stay with me when the kada is there in my life". The reason behind saying this was, my nearly three month old house help seemed to be a very negative female and I seriously wanted her to leave. Situations took such turn by 4th jan that by 8th jan she was out falling trap to her own trick. And the new house help who joined was none other than a female whom i had causally spoke in December first week and had really liked her. And this new lady just happend to meet another lady who knew i want a new house help... :-)

Once again Heart felt thanks to Sharat sir, Rakhi ma'am and other team members


  • @Sulatha

    Wonderful experiences. Thank you for sharing Sulatha. Thanks to Sir for making VK so simple.

    I admire your enthusiasm in VK healing. Yes you are right when your intentions are strong and clear, VK manifestations happen quickly.

    Keep up your spirit of sharing with all of us !! The more we share the more we learn together.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts !!

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