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success with ek sad story with me i wana share with my vk friends

edited January 2018 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
i lost my mother in october ..woh 71 ki thi she fell in kitchen got heart attack and died ...b4 two times i saved her with vk tab mai unke saat thi ess baar main unko nahi bacha payi bcoz mai wahi thi ghar me but unke saat nahi thi baar unko saas atak gayi thi tho maine vk unke chati pe rakke unki saas ko normal kiya tha ...ess baar jab tak mai maha mruthyunajaya mantra jaap karthi vk rakti tab tak maa ja chuki thi spot death hogayi thi unki v are late to save my mom..


  • @rohini

    Thanks for sharing your feelings. You used VK very well to improve your mom's health every time.

    She was destined to proceed for another journey in her life. I appreciate your sharing this event with us.

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