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Need 10-20 admission for my computer training

I have computer training centre for last 2 years and i am getting very less students and last 2 months i didnt get any admission,can you please help to get 10-20 admissions monthly for my training.last 2months daily with vk i am activating TWS,golden sunrise make way for 10 admision for comp training,healing energies of ganesha and lakshmi


    1. Take Study Serum +ALPHA MALE SERUM +TOTAL WEALTH SERUM +MOOD UP SERUM+BALANCE SERUM to increase your focus and concentration in the business.
    2. Energise your wish of getting 20 admissions in a month with Love Serum , TOTAL WEALTH SERUM, GOLDEN SUNRISE.
    3. Lit a lamp(oil charged with VK) or candle charged with GOLDEN SUNRISE+TOTAL WEALTH SERUM+ALL CLEAR SERUM in your training institute daily. Or sprinkle charged water.
    4. Energise all actions like advertising pamphlets, emails, brochures , communications with GOLDEN SUNRISE.
    5. When you deal with people give Beauty Serum to your communication skills.
    6. If you feel negativity, send ALL CLEAR SERUM to situation.
    7. You can watch this video just before sleeping or take energy of this video with VK
    8. Place an image of GOLDEN SUNRISE in your institute as given in this link.

    Thank You

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