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Is VK superior to the Divine Beings??

It is given in the manual that VK can give us the Healing Energies of Divine Beings like Ram, Hanuman, Lakshmi Maa, Mother Kwan Yin, Ascended Masters, etc. Does it mean that VK is superior to all of them? Because only when VK is superior to them, it can give us such energies.
When I thought of this question, I had a thought, "God or the Supreme Consciousness has no shape or name or religion, he is OMNI in nature. He is emitting all the Cosmic rays (Cosmic energies or GOD by himself) which can be used by anybody either Human beings or Divine beings. All the Divine beings, Ascended masters can easily access the Cosmic energies but for the Human beings or other creatures on this planet, it is possible only through Sharat sir's great invention VK. Therefore, we can get the Healing energies of all the Divine beings through VK as their energies are also a combination of Cosmic energies which VK can give us." I don't know whether it is my thought or an intuitive answer.
Pls let me know the truth. I am eagerly waiting for your reply.
Thanks in Advance. GOLDEN SUNRISE


  • Dear @Gayathri, It is surely your thoughts and not intuitive reply about VK supremacy, because the latter will never mislead you into a supremacy confusion. This is rather unfortunate that after following so many divine masters and their teachings, we still strive in darkness of ignorance.

    First of all please be clear that Divine never classify or categorize its supremacy, neither it has ever claimed itself to be supreme and others as demi. It is always Us - humans, who have divided our Gods and fight declaring one to be above other. It should always be remembered that when we shed the discrimination, mine-and-yours, this way & that way, Higher and Lower, only then.....only then we take our First Step towards Spirituality.

    Gayathri ji, your thought about God or Supreme Consciousness (as you have very nicely described) is the only Truth. VK is the gateway or the forwarder of HIS energy. It does not make it superior, but also does not diminishes its value as a 'Medium'. Kindly consider the fact that if a Lighter is flicked, there is Fire. So should we consider Lighter to be superior or Fire? But in another way if there were no lighter, match box or any flicking like things there could not be a Fire at all. Now what should we say? Please understand, Divine Masters and Gurus whom we follow, delivered the Divine energies & knowledge to us. They acted as the medium to pass on the energy which is "Eternal" (Shaswat & Sanatan). They had various divine powers but still they were human and left their bodies. So please do not get into a Supremacy war. All in nature are complimenting and supplementing each other. What has always been there is the Divine which is the Source Energy, Formations identify them but thy Self is Formless. VK plays the medium to pass on the energy in various forms to us. That is why VK can get infinite energies.

  • thank you so much @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher sir for your explanation
  • Gratitudes sir for sharing this beautiful insight. It is always blessing to read your write up.
  • Thank you for your Thanks Gayathri ji

  • Thanks for your good words Punit ji. Overwhelmed.

  • Very good and insightful explanation. Thank you so much @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to everyone. Big love to all.
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