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Success Story
Dear Rakhiji as per your advice I have been sending Love Serum To LIC agent, and Total Wealth Serum, Golden Sunrise, and All Clear Serum to the Surrender Process and also Total Wealth Serum and Golden Sunrise to my son's bank account . . . Today [30.12.17] I got a letter that the money has been deposited in his account. My intention all along had been that I should receive the money before 31st December. Thank you Sharat Sir for VK. Thank you Divine VK. Thank you Rakhiji for your advice.


  • brother vk rocks????????
  • brother vk rocks????????
  • It's amazing

  • @carla

    Caroline ji. Thanks for sharing this experience.

    Thank you for your thanks. I am so glad you followed every guidance and its got manifested as you wished.

    I loved your spirit of keeping a strong intention to receive the money before 31st Dec 2017 for your son.

    All the energies worked with this intention so well that all events fell in place ....of completing formalities including the LIC agent co-operating with you to make it happen !!

    Thanks to Sharat Sir for making VK so intentional and powerful to listen every thought of a mother for her son staying abroad.

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