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How to use VK to get benefits of planet

It's observed that many planets transit through many zodiac signs and at times it is unsure of the affect. How can a VK user get blessing for him or her in such transit or mahadasha period? Like the recent transit of LORD SATURN has put many people in doubtful mode and as a VK users how can we get benefits of the transition?


  • Golden sunrise sir ,
    1. Please give ALL CLEAR SERUM to the situation

    2. Send LOVE SERUM to the planet

    3. Activate SHIELD OF SEVEN RAYS.
  • Adding to the above, may I also suggest that you should refer to Chapter 10 of your Manual - Elixir of Divine Beings where you may find affirmations to get the benefits of various planets. VK is the simplest yet powerful device to gain planetary energies in the safest mode. A simple affirmation to heal or get healing energies of Saturn may bless one with its beneficial effects. We need not get confused about if the planet situation is in Mitra Bhav, Shatru Bhav or Vakra drishti bhav.

  • Thank you. I will study the elixir and as per Puneet suggestions try sending love serum. Punnet can we send love serum to planets in any situation regardless of the status in our chart?
  • Just to understand further... LOVE Serum can be sent to just anything which may be positive or negative.. it helps.. In a way I can give LOVE serum to all the planets, which are malefic or benefic.. Is it not ? Is my understanding right ?

  • @Shrinath ji , @Madhoo ji
    Love is the divine energy to transform any thing any situation and hence our lives too. When we sent love serum we are using universal divine energy. Someone or any planet is not permamently malefic or benefic it is the situation with time transcend that turns worst or best for us.
    Any person can be good for me at a time and same can be bad at a time .
    Divine and nature are always in love and giving mode for us . This is our mind set how we use and judge according to our nature or understanding.
    For example WATER is the divine gift we can use it to calm our thirst , refresh , relax and similarly we can use it to drown someone. FIRE is the heat which is necessary in form of sun , use fire to cook food , in body for digestion and balance temperature but similarly we can use it to burn any house , any person , the heat of anger.
    LOVE is key of the universe .

  • Thank you punnet. I want to know instead of sending GS AND LOVE SERUM to all the planets by holding vk, Can we charge water with this both serum and consume it?
  • LOVE SERUM should not be taken for self. As You want benefits from planets, so please send LOVE SERUM to planets.

  • Thank you so much Puneet Ji and Rakhi Ji for your valuable knowledge bites.. Thanks again!

  • Thank you puneet and rakhi for the clarity
  • @Shrinath

    You can now use BALANCE SERUM to nullify all malefic planetary effects without a second thought.
    You can combine it with any other Serum if you wish too. Do read the full information in BALANCE SERUM ARTICLE on this hyperlink.

  • What is the time interval for sending serums to planet?
    Daily we should give serum to planet?
    What is the time interval for charging horoscope??
    Daily we should give serum to horoscope??????? Please reply
  • @Ahila

    Please check this post BASICS OF VK 13, it is applicable for ONE AND ALL HEALINGS....

  • ???? thank you so much mam... :thankyou
  • GOLDEN SUNRISE to Sharat sir and everyone.. I am ganesh mayekar just had a query while reading the post related to ELIXIRS.. as above mentioned we have to check about the elixirs in the manual given to us.. VK came into my few months ago, and i didnt got manual along with it, and also searched in blog related to this, but didnt fingd anything in detail about elixirs.. Can anyone plz guide me where to find the detail about elixirs just as mentioned that is given in manual..
  • @Ganeksh
    VK charged water with any positive energy was refered as Elixir in old VK manual.

    Now we have replaced the manual with BASICS OF VK category

    Now the new VK manual is this forum VK BASICS VK TIPS ALL discussions VK Success stories and VK articles on litairian website.

    So now instead of manual we have ever growing forum and website with lot of learnings.
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