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At the end of this article Master sharat says this ::
This Energy System is called your Personal Universe or Complete Self. We have a healing tool (VIBBES KADA) which can heal, cure, clear, charge, and balance your Energy System of complete self with ease.

Refering to this article in the Litairian Web Site how do we use VK to achieve this ? Can you give some protocols ? I know there is this new serum BALANCE SERUM........What else please ?
Thank you


  • Dear Sir, Golden Sunrise,
    It is very encouraging to note that you have studied a Divine article from Sharat Sir with such interest. You will be happy to learn that VK, being empowered with Cosmic energy, is most powerful bridge between materialistic world and Spiritual realm. It is free from all protocols and one can practice VK, just by request (in any language suited).

    I have already explained what is meant by 'Complete Self' in one of my previous replies. Let us study it yet again. Our 'self' is not only our body. It include many other features which are visible or invisible but effects us saliently. It consist of Physical body, Mental Body, Spiritual Body, Materialistic body and so on and is Collectively called "Complete Self". This is properly explained in the above-mentioned linked article, as given by yourself. VK is the healing tool, which heals at all levels mentioned therein.

    Now, in my opinion, on reading an article, we should first give a thought on what has been explained in the text, before deciding on our actions. Otherwise, we will end-up cooking a porridge of the facts. Please understand, as we cannot eat while sleeping and cannot watch a movie while playing a Combat Game on computer, we should take it up in a chronology and then treat it likewise. What I mean is, please identify your area of healing, then clean it, heal, cure and balance as per requirement. Various processes, serums and affirmations are given to help you in this. Please practice accordingly. This is what is implied in the link.

    We look forward to your success testimony.

  • Sir
    Happy New Year.
    Now question is how to identify which area needs cleaning, healing and curing.

  • Dear @mukeshmg, Please accept my reciprocation of best wishes to you and your family for this New Year'2018.

    The question posed does not arise NOW. It is the basic information that one should have. Our basic idea is not to give various information on questions asked, for that we have Quora and all. Our mission is to guide everyone to understand the so that everyone become a healer. Therefore, sometimes we give strong comments & counter-question you too. Please do not take offence of it.

    Now, please understand, Identifying sector of healing may broadly be Physical/Materialistic and Mental/Spiritual. If you are healing for some time now, then you must be already identifying the 1st sector, I hope. Starting from a headache to any chronic disease, all are related to physical and money, career, financial etc are Material. I expect you are well identifying all these.

    Spiritual world is an elevated level. For identification of areas in this sector, one needs to have a Spiritual inclination. It is because Astral levels are more related to your feelings and insight, as such, near to your soul and consciousness. On coming across a money matter or material requirement, you may assign it to the Mooladhara (Root) Chakra. In case it is relationship or control on others, you may identify it to Manipur (Solar) Chakra. Cases of sub-consciousness or intuitive powers, identify it to Ajna (Third Eye) Chakra and so on. The more you dwell in it, more you get the grab of it. Rest is already detailed in the article.

    In case you require detailed info on a specific sector - please ask.

    Happy Healing.

  • Sir you are tough but Great. Your teaching are always mind blowing.
    For Astrology which area is concerned to heal. We never know that the astrologer's advice is correct or not, if it is correct for the reason contacted him, there is no side effect on other part of life. Even Natal chart is perfectly correct. So pls say something on this.

  • Dear @mukesh ji, you are absolutely correct that in-spite Astrology is a great science, its accuracy is questionable. It is for 3 reasons : firstly, the astro reading depends upon genuineness of facts & figures given, such as Birth date, time & place. A slight deviation in the data may give horrible interpretations (which may never happen). Secondly, it is entirely based on the knowledge and accuracy of the interpreter. Last but not the least, solutions given mostly has its side effects.

    Under the edges of VK, we do not have to worry like this. Cosmic energies are always true. Unlike what you perceive, we need not identify areas concerned. Either you need to know your Astro reading w.r.t. planetary condition and weaknesses in your Kundali, so that you may request for the energies of those planets, or otherwise, just chill and request for Balance Serum to balance all the planets with positive effects (Energies of Navagraha).

  • Hey Phillippe, I did not hear from you yet......!! Please confirm your understanding on the quarry you raised.

  • Energies of Navagraha ?? Pls explain. How to use or get it.
  • Dear @mukeshmg, If I have to spoonfeed this also, then you are back-benching and not attentive.
  • Please note, hold your VK

    1. Hold your VK between your palms in shell shape.
    2. Say Namastey
    3. Request "O my friend VK, please charge me with the Peaceful Energy of Navagraha" x 3 times and let VK work.

    Feel the energy in each molecule of your body and enjoy the bliss
  • Respected @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher sir !

    Can we just request for higher knowledge and keep us in virtuous path to VK in our own language?

  • Certainly Yes. You can affirm any positive request in your own simple sentences. VK listens to your simple affirmation faster, becuz your intentions are clearer in it

    Please Go Ahead and share your experience
  • Pls put some light on Mantra OM NAMAH SHIVAYA. Benefits, for which area we can use it's energy. Can I use it for Natal chart .

  • @mukeshmg

    Please wait for Sanjay Sir to reply on your separate new post of OM NAMAH SHIVAY.

    He is busy and will answer all questions when online.

  • Hé my friend Sanjay Happy new year.I'm having two jobs and my time is very limited (american life).You have bee helping me a lot since I got my first VK. The question I ask is very important to me as you know my interest on Kundalini. You answered from a high level.Please be down to earth and give some VK modalities (including Serums, bach flowers...) to help me balance,cure and reinforce my energy system.This will helps be get less tired and be more efficient. I know your expertise with VK but be more practical please.Thank you very much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dear Sanjoy roy Sir,

    Sir, too many years struggling with financial issues. how to be heal ? from which parts of body, organs of mine need to be healed.

  • Dear @Shajibdada,

    I would once again request all to be attentive while following on this Forum as this is not just an information platform but an online teaching and training class too. No offence, just training.

    If you have followed this thread, you would have known by yourself. In my second submission, I have explained that for all Material requirements, one's Root Chakra (Mool dhara Chakra) has to be active and balanced. All money matters are blessed from this area. This Chakra is in the shape of a closed Lotus, yet to be bloomed. Once activated, the Chakra opens its petals and the energy starts flowing. Our Kundalini Energy resides in this Chakra.

    Kindly practise on Root Chakra for Money matters. Also, a very simple way to shoot your shortcoming on Money matter is Total Wealth Serum with Golden Sunrise or Balance Serum.

    Hope you are clear now. We look forward to your success. May God Bless you.

  • thanks Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher Dada...
    I follow this rules...
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