Awesome Newyear 2018 manifesting with VK

Being in year 2018, how can we request VK to bring an awesome newyear full of Health and Vitality, Wealth, Lovely Relationships, Peace, good Money flow etc.. so that we can invest as well as do Charities and help needy?

How can we incorporate Gratitude, Forgiveness, Love, Empathy, Harmony towards all human beings on a daily basis?

Please guide me.

Happy new year and Thanks in anticipation.


  • @success811

    Good question

    Let's manifest 2018 with VK

    Some examples

    ☀VK please activate a joyful 2018 for me and my family NOW.

    ☀ VK please activate a GOLDEN SUNRISE filled 2018 for me NOW

    ☀VK please activate a healthy and active 2018 for me.

    ☀ VK please activate a year filled with love NOW.

    ☀ VK please activate a year full of financial abundance NOW.

    ☀VK please activate beautiful surprises in 2018..

    ☀ VK please activate to live this year with faith and patience.

    Like this you can talk to VK about what you want in your life this year.

    Keep asking to VK as frequently as you can to manifest 2018 the way you want it to be !!

  • @success811

    Best way to use VK in 2018 would be to start talking to VK about what you want in your own language.

    Best way of manifesting with VK is to keep requesting about your desires in your own words again and again.

    Best way of manifesting with VK would be to talk to VK as a friend without thinking about the procedures how what when why

  • Thank you Rakhiji for your warm words of advice.

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