Multiple Affirmations

Can we request VK with multiple affirmations on various goals like money, relationship, health, spirituality etc. for manifestation?

Should we place requests frequently throughout the day or only once while placing VK over the affirmations for 30 minutes, in order to energize them? Also, please provide a sample request.

Thanking you, in anticipation. Golden Sunrise.


  • @success811

    Like we eat 3 to 4 meals a day to energise ourselves, we also need to energise our wish frequently depending on the need.

    An infant takes the feed more than 10 times in a day as the requirement is more.

    Based on your inner guidance you can choose the healing frequency.

    Please read this learning post by Sharat Sir on healing frequency, if you have further questions we will be happy to help you.

  • @success811

    You can place requests for multiple aspects of your life. You can prioritise your wish and send more energy where requirement is more.

    You can manage multiple healings by designing your healing methods for easy healing.

    Like some healings through energising water, some through direct request, some through wish manifestations, some with affirmations.

    If you do multiple affirmations, it may be confusing for your own mind.

    How to prioritise wish manifestations, you can read this article on Nine gems.

  • @success811

    Sample request for affirmation

    VK GOLDEN SUNRISE please manifest my affirmation energising into reality NOW.


    VK please energise these affirmations with GOLDEN SUNRISE.

    Always use your own words in energising you will connect more with VK and to your affirmations.

    The less you think on procedures or on words, the more you will enjoy VK and affirmations.

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