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Can't be more happy than this.
I had worked for a pharmacy in March April this year and that pharmacy was gone into liquidation owing me 1750 pounds.its a huge amount of money for me and my husband and me were hopeless to even get any penny from this owing.But since July I have created an ENERGY CIRCLE as per the guidance on Litairian website and charging that EC everyday .During the day I randomly made requests to VK to help me in recovering that money. I was regularly taking GOLDEN SUNRISE+ALL CLEAR SERUM +TOTAL WEALTH SERUM to help me in recovering my wages.and giving SHIELD OF 7 RAYS and ALL CLEAR SERUM to my stuck money.and guess what ,today morning I just checked my bank statement and there was more money than I was expecting. Upon checking I came to know that I got 70%payment of that stuck money from the pharmacy.
I am over the moon and just thanking my VK to make it happen
Thanks a Lot Sharat sir for this genie in our lives and all your guidance
Thanks Rakhi di for all your guidance


  • @Barinder - Supportive VK Teacher

    Wow. Another feather in your cap in just 7 months of VK. Thank you for sharing your happiness and your VK experience.

    Please continue the healing , you never know from where the remaining 30 % is coming to you giving you another surprise B)

    Just seeing the timing of this post of yours...... its 222. <3

    Angel number 222, Trust that you are in right place and things are manifesting for highest good. Another WOW !!

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