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Brother in law's fraudness

Ours is a joint family with father in law ,our family (6 members), and brother in law family (4 members). My father in law(82 yrs) is MD and my husband and brother in law are directors in our private firm.Mostly it is supervised by my bro in law.
Nowadays he is cheating us by not giving proper share of income.He is doing all the cheap dirty works and trying to send us out from the firm and house including my father in law.
Now we are in big money problem because of him and don't know what to do.
Please help me to solve this problem,tell me what all serums to use and how to make request with VK.
Thank you .Much awaiting for your response.


  • @premlatha

    You can please SHIELD OF 7 RAYS for your joint business and for your income share from that business.

    You can give SHIELD OF 7 RAYS at all places wherever you feel a threat including house and family members too.

    Give GOLDEN SUNRISE and ALL CLEAR SERUM to the situation.

    Request VK to help your brotherinlaw to be truthful and sincere in money dealings,

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